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B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies

Mission Statement

The mission of the Biola University Interdisciplinary Studies major is to provide a program in which students can be exposed to the central and essential concepts and practices of two disciplines within a framework that simultaneously exposes them to central concepts and practices of interdisciplinary thinking and inquiry. In so doing, the major will develop Christian scholars whose position at the intersections of their chosen disciplines provides them with the unique knowledge, tools, and habits of mind that will allow them to comprehend, establish new insights about, and develop innovative approaches and solutions for both new and enduring local, national, and global problems and issues in ways that extend beyond the understanding, insights, approaches, and solutions available through the lens of a single disciplinary perspective.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, students will be able to:


Identify, integrate, and synthesize the theories, methods, and critical perspectives of their chosen disciplinary emphases.


Evaluate, critically analyze, and synthesize disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives and practices with Biblical values and truths.


Identify and articulate connections between their interdisciplinary intellectual inquiries and their own ethical positions in terms of contemporary challenges facing individuals, communities, and societies.


Curriculum Map

A Curriculum Map shows which courses in a degree program are responsible to intentionally develop each PLO at the Introductory, Developing, and Mastery levels.

Assessment Plan

An Assessment Plan is a listing of the student work that will be used to assess achievement of each learning outcome.

Assessment Schedule

An Assessment Schedule is a 5-year schedule that indicates when each of the PLOs will be assessed and when the comprehensive Program Review will occur.

Annual PLO Assessment Reports

The Annual Reports from each year’s PLO assessment.

No Annual PLO Assessment Reports are currently available for this program.

Program Review Executive Summary

The Executive Summary report from the most recent comprehensive Program Review.

The Executive Summary is currently unavailable for this program.