Building Repairs

Facilities Management schedules and funds regular maintenance and repairs for university owned buildings and equipment. Most services, including repairs for minor damages, are generally available at no charge to departments. Some services, not regarded as regular maintenance, may be performed at a cost billable to the requesting department.

Listed below are examples of services where charges may apply.

  • Painting, carpentry, plumbing-charges are applied for maintenance requests that result from department damage or for special requests for changes or improvements by departments (change wall color, remodel, new shelving, etc.).
  • Mechanical-charges are applied for services needed to repair specialized department equipment (e.g., appliances, residence hall vacuum cleaners, electric carts, etc.).
  • Electrical-charges are applied for special electrical and lighting needs required for some events and for installation of departmental equipment that requires a change in electrical service (e.g., installation of new equipment that requires a dedicated electrical circuit).

Additional information regarding maintenance and repairs for university buildings and equipment can be found in the Employee Handbook - Section 6.32.

Contact Information for Building Repairs

Building Repair Manager Andrew Foster ext. 5991

For requesting building maintenance service or for notification of needed repairs please contact us by using the Facilities Management Work Request Form or calling the Operations Office of Facilities Management at extension 4898.