Central Stores

Central Stores carries a wide variety of office supplies commonly used on campus. The items and their prices are detailed in the Central Stores catalog. Business orders are delivered to departments daily. If an item is needed that cannot be found in the catalog, an order can be placed through the Purchasing department.

The Warehouse offers storage facilities for department needs. The following items can be stored at the warehouse, subject to approval of the Central Stores manager:

  • Archive material to be kept and destroyed at a designated date
  • Supplies and materials that will be used by a department over a period of time.
  • Items for temporary storage (one year or less)

Central Stores is also responsible for receiving and delivering packages coming into the University.

Additional information regarding Central Stores can be found in the Employee Handbook - Section 6.3

Central Stores is also responsible for the proper disposal of hazardous materials. Items to be picked up must be labeled and placed in sealed containers, with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) provided. Arrangements for pick up, can be made by contacting Facilities Services (see below for contact information).

Additional information regarding handling of Hazardous Material can be found in the Employee Handbook - Section 6.35.

Contact Information for Central Stores

Central Stores Manager Ed Alvarez ed.alvarez@biola.edu ext. 5800
Central Stores Buyer John Ratcliff warehouse.buyer@biola.edu ext. 4813
Commodity Buyer Rob Kunda central.stores@biola.edu ext. 5802
Warehouse Receiver Sean O'Brien warehouse.receiver@biola.edu ext. 5854

For requesting pick-up of Hazardous Material please contact us by using the Facilities Management Work Request Form or calling the Operations Office of Facilities Management at extension 4898.