Transfer Challenge

Transfer nursing students, registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses and other applicants with health profession backgrounds should see the Biola University Catalog for the transfer/challenge policies.

Additional Information for Applicants:

    • It is highly recommended that students proceed through the traditional BSN degree program.
  • LVN/LPN to RN NCLEX (preparation-only option)
    • This is also referred to as the 30-credit option.
    • Please contact the Department of Nursing at for any questions about the application or program.

Military Personnel

Military Education and Experience — Portfolio Evaluation/Challenge Process

  1. United States (US) Veterans with military education and experience planning to enroll into nursing courses must first be accepted by and fulfill all matriculation requirements of Biola University. The Department of Nursing should be contacted at the time of application to the University. All university requirements must be met for graduation.
  2. A separate application is made to the nursing department. Applicants must complete all pre-clinical nursing requirements and be accepted into the clinical nursing program, meeting the same eligibility requirements as other applicants. Placement into clinical nursing is on a space available basis.>
  3. All applicants must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 for all college-level courses taken.
  4. All required non-nursing prerequisites as outlined in the Standard Curriculum Chart for the nursing major should be completed before entering clinical nursing courses. Transfer credit for non-nursing courses will be granted by the Registrar's Office as indicated in the university catalog.
  5. Generic military credit is not given. If admitted to the clinical nursing program, veterans may submit a portfolio to demonstrate theoretical and clinical learning, and work experience. The portfolio will be the basis of determining challenge eligibility.
  6. The portfolio will include the following:
    • Documentation of Military Health Care Occupation (Basic Medical Technician Corpsman (Navy HM or Air Force BMTCP), Army Health Care Specialist (68W Army Medic) or Air Force Independent Duty Medical Technician (IMDT 4N0XIC) with an honorable discharge
    • Official military transcript with ACE recommendations
    • Copy of any licenses or certifications
    • Two references: One from a commanding officer and one work recommendation from an immediate supervisor who has worked with the applicant for at least 5 months.
    • Educational and work resume of accomplishments outside of the military
  7. Per university policy, a minimum of 30 credits must be taken at Biola with at least 15 credits of upper division courses in the major field. The challenge student will take a NURS 300 Professional Nursing Seminar which is a personalized arranged course in which to complete requirements unique to Biola such as the Writing Competency Exam (WCE) and transition into the BSN role.
  8. The Basic Medical Corpsmen will usually be eligible for the LVN challenge option of NURS 211 Nursing of the Patient / Family I Theory, NURS 212 Nursing of the Patient/Family I Clinical and NURS 213 Nursing Application Lab (skills lab).
    • NURS 211 Nursing of the Patient/ Family I Theory will be challenged through a written test. Upon challenge confirmation students will be given course materials (syllabus, content outline, bibliography/textbook list).
    • NURS 212 Nursing of the Patient/Family I Clinical will be challenged through simulation scenario(s), based upon the clinical expectations for the course, after passing the Level 1 pharmacological math exam.
    • NURS 213 Nursing Application Lab challenge will require, but is not limited to validation of the following skills: medication administration via oral, gastric, IM, and subcutaneous injection methods, bedside glucometer, nasogastric tube flushing and feeding. This must be completed before the clinical challenge is started. When the student contacts the instructor regarding the validation process, any further requirements will be discussed at that time.
  9. The Advanced Army Medic, Independent Duty Corpsman, or Advanced Air Force Medic may be eligible for additional challenge credit to be arranged on an individual basis.
  10. The cost of the Portfolio Evaluation/Challenge Process will be $350.

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