Learning Opportunities | Nursing, B.S.

Clinical Nursing Experience

As a Biola nursing major, you will get hands-on learning experience when taking part in our clinical nursing opportunities with the cooperation of Biola's partnering hospitals and agencies throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties. As a senior, global options in a variety of countries also open to you. The overall goal is for you to be prepared to work as a registered nurse almost anywhere in the world, so we offer experiences in venues that include:

  • County government facilities such as Rancho Los Amigos
  • Specialty hospitals like Children's Hospital of Orange County
  • The City of Hope, a national medical center for cancer patients
  • Community hospitals like Presbyterian InterCommunity Hospital
  • HMOs (health maintenance organizations), such as Kaiser Permanente
  • Hospitals with faith-based values, such as St. Joseph's of Orange Community
  • Other city agencies, including schools, Salvation Army, pregnancy help clinics, homeless clinics and senior centers.
California Nursing Students' Association (CNSA), Biola chapter

California Nursing Students' Association (CNSA), Biola chapter

Biola CNSA Mission:

Our mission is to equip Biola nursing students to be nurse leaders that they may better influence their class, their community, and their world for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Biola CNSA Vision:

Our ultimate purpose is to show students the art and science of caring holistically for human beings in body, mind, and soul until every wound and disease is treated.

What We Do:

We accomplish these high callings by creating roles for students to be involved in many areas of leadership for the rest of the nursing department. CNSA sends participants to the state-wide CNSA convention to learn about professional endeavors and to meet with recruiters. Biola CNSA is mostly concerned about creating a sense of community during all five years of participation in the program through:

  • Medical related chapels
  • All level lunches
  • Fundraisers
  • Professional speakers
  • Ceremonial events and holiday parties

The club uses social media platforms to inform nursing students about events, so check us out on Biola CNSA Facebook and Biola CNSA Instagram.