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Admissions, Tuition & Financial Aid

The Master of Management, Nonprofit Organizations (MM) program offers you a professional and theologically integrated learning experience, equipping you with the tools you need to effectively lead and serve in faith-based and nonprofit organizations. Admissions requirements for the program are detailed on this page, in addition to tuition and financial aid information.


Admission into the MM program is based on the following application and admissions requirements. Please note the general requirements needed as a part of your application.

Application Deadline

Make sure you submit your MM application by the following deadlines. If you are considering applying and the deadline has passed, please contact graduate admissions.

Fall Semester Start

  • International Student & Early Application Deadline: June 1
  • Application Deadline: July 1

Spring Semester Start

  • Application Deadline: November 1

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General Requirements

  • Be a committed follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Applicants must have completed all bachelor's degree requirements (business administration or other field) prior to the start of the program, and have a bachelor's degree conferred from a regionally accredited institution prior to the start of the second term.
  • The program will be targeted to and preference will be given to those with at least three years of work experience after graduation when admitted to the program.

Application Instructions

  1. Apply online
  2. Submit a $65 application fee
    • An application fee of $65 (non-refundable) is required. Pay online through the online application or submit a check payable to Biola University.
  3. Request official transcripts
    • Request official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. If enrolled at the time application is filed, be sure to request transcripts of work finished to date and final transcripts upon completion of your course of study. Transcripts must be official, that is, mailed directly from your college or university in a sealed envelope or sent electronically through the National Student Clearinghouse. Final approval for admission is contingent on receiving an official transcript.*
      • Send transcripts to:
        Biola University Office of Graduate Admissions
        13800 Biola Avenue, La Mirada, CA 90639
  4. Submit two references (please submit references as indicated in your online application):
    • Pastor or church leader reference
    • Academic or character reference
  5. Provide a professional resume
  6. Submit your Christian Testimony essay
    • The circumstances surrounding your decision to become a follower of Christ
    • The scriptural basis for your salvation
    • Your contribution to a local church community
    • A description of how you display attributes of a mature Christian faith
  7. MM Vocational Objectives essay
    • Provide a statement (no more than two pages) addressing your qualifications for acceptance to the MM program (leadership potential, creative abilities, motivational aptitude) and your career goals, including a description of how participation in the MM program will contribute to your growth and development toward those goals. (This is included in the online application but must be submitted separately if you are completing the PDF application.)
  8. Interview with the Crowell School of Business Academic Dean, Gary Lindblad
    • We will contact you to schedule your interview once we have received all the above application items

Transfer Credits

Students transferring from a regionally accredited graduate program may transfer a maximum of 6 credits. The courses transferred must be equivalent, have direct applicability to the student's program, and be approved by the Dean. Only courses with a grade of "B" (3.0) or higher will be considered for transfer toward the MM degree; a grade of "B-" is not transferable.

* Note: Official documents presented for admission or evaluation become part of the student’s academic file and normally cannot be returned or copied for distribution


The MM program consists of courses taught by faculty from both the Crowell School of Business and Talbot School of Theology. Tuition costs for this integrated program can vary depending on the types of theology courses taken through Talbot.

  • Cost per credit, MM course: $796
  • Cost per credit, Theology course: $633

Financial Aid

As a graduate student, you will have a number of financial aid opportunities available to you. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information regarding the following types of aid:

  • The Graduate Grant
  • Church Matching Scholarship
  • Discretionary Aid
  • Loans

Contact Financial Aid

We can assist you in financing your education, and work together to find the best possible solution for your situation. As a new student, make sure to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. It usually takes about 4-6 weeks to finish the process and receive an award letter.

International Students

International students have different admissions requirements, such as varying application deadlines, required documents and more. Please see the information below to learn more.

Thank you for your interest in our Master of Management program. We want to know you and help you navigate the application process. Have questions? Contact our International Admissions office!

Joshua Esau, Senior International Admissions Counselor

International Students Application Deadlines and Requirements

International student applications must be submitted by the following deadlines. If you are considering applying and the deadline has passed, please contact graduate admissions.

  • Fall Semester Start: June 1
  • Spring Semester Start: October 1

Please note the following requirements:

  • You must have the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited, recognized institution.
  • All admissions items (references, transcripts, etc.) must be received no later than June 1, prior to the fall semester for which you are applying, or October 1, prior to the spring semester for which you are applying. We strongly recommend that you complete you applications even sooner.

Required Documents

All the following documents must be received before an application can be considered:

  1. Apply online or download application.
  2. An application fee of $65 (non-refundable) is required. Pay online through the online application or submit a check, money order, or foreign draft payable to Biola University.
  3. Official transcripts of all colleges, universities, or seminaries attended.
    • The transcripts must be sent directly from the school to Biola's Office of Graduate Admissions to be official. These records should include the grading system, grades earned, courses, and/or examination marks. All International transcripts need U.S. grade equivalencies noted, so you must have them evaluated by the World Education Services (WES). Be sure to choose "course by course report." This process takes an average of 4-6 weeks and costs approximately US $300.
  4. You are required to submit standardized test scores (TOEFL) for application to Biola to display evidence of English proficiency before being admitted into the graduate programs at Biola University. It is essential that non-native English speaking students be able to understand directions and lectures in English and be able to express their thoughts clearly in spoken and written English.

    Preference in admission will be given to those with an overall score of at least 100 IBT/600 PBT/250 CBT on the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam as administered by the Educational Testing Service.

    The Crowell School of Business reserves the right to waive a retake of the TOEFL test for MM international student applicants who already have a Biola business degree. Waivers of this requirement will be evaluated by the applicant’s interview with the dean.

    Since this test is administered only at certain times, the candidate for admission should inquire about testing dates well in advance of the date of anticipated school term in the U.S. For information about TOEFL, contact either:
    • American Embassies and Consulates, United Information
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language, Box 6154, Princeton, NJ 08541-6154, USA (Phone: 609-771-7100, Fax: 610-290-8972, Website:
  5. Three References (Download the Reference Forms (PDF)).
    1. Pastor or church leader reference
    2. Academic or character reference
    3. Employer reference
  6. Please include a professional resume.
  7. Affidavit of Support for each individual source of funding. Before we can consider your application, you need to find a sponsor (or sponsors) who will pay for your educational expenses, or you must have the funds yourself (note: Copies of the Affidavit of Support may be made if more than one person will serve as sponsor for your expenses).

    The Affidavit of Support must be Notarized and submitted with corresponding bank statements.

    This document reasonably ensures your sponsors ability to support you during your time of studies while in the U.S.

    Download the Affidavit of Financial Support (PDF)

  8. Interview with the Crowell School of Business Dean, Gary Lindblad (we will contact you to schedule your interview once we have received all of the above application items).
  9. Once accepted, international students must subscribe either to the Biola University student health insurance policy or obtain a policy that maintains coverage throughout their time in the United States.

I-20 Form

To obtain the I-20 form (which is used to apply for a student visa with your embassy), you must complete the above process, be accepted to the university and submit the $100 enrollment deposit.

F-1 Student Visa

Students admitted to the United States on an F-1 student visa are required by law to be registered as full-time students (a minimum of 9 credits per trimester). Additionally, no off-campus employment is permitted for students on an F-1 visa without written permission of the United States Immigration authorities. However, students on an F-1 visa may work off-campus in an unpaid internship in order to fulfill the internship requirement of the program.

Financial Aid

It is important to understand the cost of attending a private university in the United States before beginning the application process. This section attempts to answer questions about financial aid available to international students.

Although there is financial aid available to international students, funds are limited and normally do not exceed 10% of a student’s yearly tuition costs. Therefore, applicants must be able to meet the majority of the cost of their education.

The source of the remaining 90% or more of yearly tuition must be from the applicant’s funds and/or a sponsor(s). Biola University cannot assist applicants in finding sponsors.

  • Before requests for financial aid can be considered, the applicant must submit a completed application file with all items listed above, and be accepted for admittance by June 1.
  • It is essential that the University clearly understands the applicant's qualifications and sponsor's financial resources before evaluating eligibility for scholarship assistance. Incomplete or un-notarized affidavits will be returned to the applicant.
  • Applicants who wish to be considered for financial assistance should specify this request with their completed application forms.

English Language Program

If you are interested in applying to the MM program and English is not your primary language please note the following admissions requirements, which are necessary to supplement your application to the Crowell School of Business.

  • Preference in admission will be given to those with an overall score of at least:
    • TOEFL: 100 iBT IELTS 7.5
  • Oral interview required by admissions committee; may also require a writing sample.
  • The Crowell School of Business reserves the right to waive a retake of the TOEFL or IELTS test for MM applicants for whom English is not a primary language who already have a Biola Business degree. Waivers of this requirement will be evaluated in the applicant's interview with the dean.
  • If you don't yet meet this requirement, consider Biola’s English Language Program.

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