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Borrowing & Circulation

Checking out Materials

Bring your ID card or mobile ID with you to check out materials, place holds, or renew items. You may not check out items using another user's card. You may check out books using the SelfCheck machine, but all media must be checked out at the Information Desk. Reference books, periodicals, curriculum, archive materials and microforms are non-circulating and cannot be checked out.

Based on their status, library users may check out a maximum number of items at one time for the following loan periods. Circulation policies for Interlibrary Loan items may vary. See ILL for more information.

Number of Items and Length of Time

Library User Books Media Reserves
Biola Students and Staff 25 items
4 weeks
10 items
1 week
3 items
2 hours; varies
Biola Faculty
Biola Faculty Emeriti
CCT Scholars
Board of Trustees
50 items
1 term
10 items
3 weeks
3 items
2 hours; varies
Biola Alumni with Borrowing Privileges 25 items
4 weeks
10 items
1 week
Retired Employees
President's Circle
Visiting Scholars
Reciprocal Students
Clergy/Missionaries with Borrowing Privileges
Community Members with Borrowing Privileges
10 items
4 weeks
5 items
1 week

Returns and Renewals

Return all books and media to the return slot at the Information Desk or to the separate return slots outside the library.

Most renewals can be made twice online or unlimited times by going to the Information Desk. Faculty can renew their items once online. Renewal policies for Interlibrary Loan items may vary. See ILL for more information. You may not renew an item if the item is excessively overdue, on hold for another patron, or if you have unpaid fines or charges. No renewals may be made by telephone or by a third party.

Holding Materials

Currently enrolled or employed Biola students, staff and faculty members may place holds on items that are checked out or unavailable. When an item becomes available, you will be notified by email. The item will be held on the hold shelf at the Information Desk for 14 business days. After this time, it will be given to the next user in line or returned to the general collection. Holds cannot be placed on available items, reserves materials, or items marked as Library Use Only.

Library Accounts

To set up and access your library account, select My Library Account from the accounts menu on the library website. Library account features include: viewing items checked out, renewing items, placing holds and paying fines and fees.

Overdues, Fines, Damaged or Lost Materials

All users are responsible to check their library account for due dates and to view any outstanding fines, fees and/or charges. As a courtesy, we send reminder notices two days prior to the due date. Overdue and fine notices are also sent within four days after the due date. However, failure to receive a notice does not exempt you from the charges.

Biola students, staff and faculty receive notices via their Biola email account. Alumni and community users will be notified via the email account they indicated on their library card application. Users without email addresses may monitor their online library account for information. Paper notices are no longer used.

Any library charges on your account may be paid with cash, check or credit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover) at the Information Desk during regular business hours. You may also pay online with a credit card via the Online Payment Center. Check your library account first; then, you may either make full or partial payments online. Please note that all payments made online will be posted to your library account by the next regular business day. You may contact the Information Desk with any questions you have regarding library charges, payments, refunds and/or credits at (562) 903-4838.


If you have items overdue for more than 14 days, your borrowing privileges will be blocked until resolved. Items overdue for 30 days or more will be considered lost.


If you have unpaid fines for over 30 days, the total of any unpaid fines plus a $10.00 non-refundable billing fee will be charged to your school account. Fines for Interlibrary Loan items are $1.00 per day per item (See the table below for fine charges for Biola owned materials).

Books Media Reserves
1 to 2 days late: No fine 1 day late: No fine 1 hour late: No fine
3+ days late: $0.25 per day per book (from due date). 2+ days late — $1 per day per item (from due date) $0.50 per hour per item each open hour (from hour due)

Damaged Items

The amount of damage to an item will be assessed by library staff and a fee will be charged to your library account. The average fee for a damaged item is $25.00.

Lost Items

If a library item is lost, you will be held responsible for replacing the item. The total cost of a lost item includes the cost to replace the item, a $25 item processing fee. If the bill is sent to school accounts, a $10.00 billing fee per item will be added. A typical replacement charge is $50.00, although actual costs may vary. Replacement policies for Interlibrary Loan items vary based on the requirements of the lending library. 

Claims Returned Items

If you believe you have returned an item that displays as "overdue" on your library account, you may submit a claims returned request at the Information Desk. Once this request is initiated, the item will be searched within the library for a period of three months. If the item is found, it will be cleared from your account and any fines will be waived. If the item is not found, you will be held responsible for replacing the item. See Lost Items for information regarding replacement policies.

Billings for Unreturned Items and Unpaid Fines


If your fines, overdue items or replacement charges are not paid within 30 days, charges as outlined below will be sent to your school accounts bill along with a $10.00 billing fee.

  • Any charge sent to your school account will result in a school accounts block placed on your library account until payment is received through accounting. You will not be able to check out or renew library materials (including reserves materials, or Interlibrary Loan items) or update or renew your library account until your total fees have been paid. Proof of payment must be presented to a supervisor at the Information Desk in order to remove the block from your account.
  • If an item is returned within three months, the replacement charge minus the accrued fine will be credited back to your school account. Credits will be posted to your account by the next billing cycle once an item is returned.

Alumni and Community Users

Billing procedures for alumni and community users may vary.