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Reserve the Library Terrace


The following are Guidelines and Conditions of Use for the Library Terrace located on the Upper Level of the library. Please read carefully before submitting a request to reserve the space.

Guidelines and Conditions of Use

  • The Library Terrace may only be reserved during open library hours. Events must begin after the library opens and end before the library closes (including set up and take down). See the library website for a list of all library hours and exceptions.
  • Maximum capacity is 10 people (for half the Terrace). Maximum is 50 people (for entire Terrace).
  • If your group is between 10–25 people, you can reserve half the Terrace. If your group is 26–50 people, you can reserve the entire Terrace. When half the Terrace is reserved, it will be the half closest to the Food Court.
  • The Terrace may be reserved a minimum of two hours and up to four hours maximum for an event (the four hours include set up and take down time, including Bon Appetit catering).
  • Reservations must be requested at least one week in advance.
  • The Terrace may not be reserved for regular department meetings.
  • Your request will need to be approved by the Dean’s Office. We reserve the right to deny your
    request based on the study space needs of our students, which is our first priority. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Existing Terrace tables must be used for your event (other tables may not be brought in by Event Services). The existing tables/furniture may be configured to meet your needs.
  • Participants must access the Library Terrace via the main library entrance. If any participants are guests to Biola, all guests must be approved at the Library Reception Desk prior to the event. Please see our access policies at Library Access.
  • Sound and/or AV equipment must be reserved through Tech Commons, ext. 4808, located on the
    middle level of the library (not Event Services).
  • If sound equipment is used, the volume should not interfere with the quiet study of the library.
  • Plants must not be moved for any reason.
  • Lighting is not adjustable and must remain on after dark.
  • Decorations must be within fire code regulations. Décor must be removable, may not leave
    permanent marks on library surfaces and may not be placed on any of the shades.
  • In the event of high winds, shades must be raised. This may be done by library staff and may
    cause an interruption to your event.
  • Restrooms are available on the south side of the Upper, Middle and Lower levels of the library.
  • Event organizers are responsible for returning the Library Terrace to its original condition by the end time of the event. Original condition includes furniture configuration, cleanliness, removal of any décor, and disposal of all trash (must request your own trash cans). Event organizers will be billed for any damage or loss of existing furniture.
  • If Bon Appetit services have been requested, the Library Food Court may be reserved separately (contact Kim Knight in the Library). Food Court reservations will be reviewed and approved based on the needs of your event. Food may also be set up and served on the Terrace using the existing Terrace tables.
  • Roof access is not permitted.
  • This reservation is for the Library Terrace (Upper Level) only.

If your event cannot meet these guidelines, you will need to find a different location for your event. By reserving this location, you agree to abide by all of the above guidelines.

BEFORE SUBMITTING A REQUEST: It is your responsibility to check the calendar on the next page (after clicking on the red button entitled, "Reserve the Library Terrace"), to ensure the date and time you want to request is available.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Reserve the Library Terrace