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Reserve the Library Conference Room

The following are Guidelines and Conditions of Use for the Library Conference Room located on the upper level of the library, Room U102. It is important that you read them before submitting a reservation request to be sure you meet the criteria to use the room and are able and willing to follow the guidelines.

General Guidelines

  • Minimum 6 people; Maximum 20 people.
  • Requests must be submitted at least 2 days in advance.
  • The room may only be scheduled during times the library is open. You may check our hours at
  • Groups reserving the room must be Biola-related involving current staff and/or faculty only. The conference room may not be reserved for group study. We have other rooms available for that purpose.
  • The door must be kept closed during your meeting/event. The room is not soundproof; therefore, loud talking, laughing, music, and/or singing, is not permitted. The library should remain a quiet environment for our patrons, which is our first priority.
  • On rare occasions, we may need to cancel your reservation. We plan ahead to avoid having to do this, but unfortunately, it does happen now and then. We are usually able to give you plenty of time to reserve a different location for your meeting/event.
  • The room cannot be reserved more than two days in a row if you are requesting to use the room all day.
  • Requests are processed in the order received.
  • There is no charge to use the room.
  • If you cancel your meeting/event after scheduling the room, please advise Kim Knight right away so that the room can be freed up for others to use.


  • None of the existing tables or chairs may be removed from the room.
  • Existing tables must be used for your event (other tables may not be brought in by Event Services). The existing tables/chairs may be configured to meet your needs (or put in a corner of the room if not needed). 
  • When your meeting/event is over, please turn out the lights, reset the furniture (if necessary) and close the door as you leave.
  • Attaching decorations or other items to the walls or ceiling is not permitted.

Food/Bon Appetit

  • If needed, it is your responsibility to arrange for setup, food services, cleanup, etc.
  • The only Bon Appetit services the room can accommodate are boxed lunches or buffet-style serving (no table-plating service). All food services must be performed inside the conference room.
  • Please be sure to account for set up and clean up times when indicating your reservation times on the LCR request form.
  • Be sure Bon Appetit knows that they must show up for set up and clean up at the exact times you give them. They may not set up earlier or clean up later because doing so may intrude on another group.
  • Since perishable food placed in trash can receptacles cannot be left in the room overnight, it will be necessary for you to tie up the trash bags you use and remove them from the building immediately after your meeting/event (a dumpster is located behind the library on the south side). You will then need to put new liners in the trash can receptacles (they are located in the unlocked cupboard underneath the sink). Facilities Management has requested this be done because they are not able to provide immediate clean up at this time.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure the room is clean and properly arranged for the next group using the room.


  • The conference room is equipped with a Vaddio AV/Teleconferencing system.
  • Projection is available through cables attached to the video conferencing puck located on the conference table. Adapters (Mac to HDMI, Lightning Cable to HDMI, etc.) are provided in all common formats.
  • Do not attempt to remove the video conferencing puck from the conference table as it can damage the device.
  • After use, please return the remote control device to its wall-mounted holder.
  • If you need AV equipment other than what is already provided in the room, or have questions about the permanent equipment in the room, please contact Tech Commons, x4808, located on the middle level of the library.
  • There is a wall-mounted telephone in the room provided for on-campus calls only. Staff office phones in the vicinity are not available for use.

BEFORE SUBMITTING A REQUEST: It is your responsibility to check the calendar on the next page (after clicking on the red button entitled “Reserve the Library Conference Room”), to see if the date and time you want to request may be available. After submitting your request, it is possible that we will tell you the room has been scheduled by someone else who submitted a request for the same date and time just before you did. This rarely happens, but does now and then. Before making your meeting/event plans, be sure to wait until you receive a formal confirmation email from the Library Administration Office.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Reserve the Library Conference Room