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Reserve a Library Conference Room

The following are guidelines and conditions for use of the library conference rooms located on the upper level of the library. Please read carefully before reserving one of the rooms.

General Guidelines

  • LCR1: Minimum 6 people; Maximum 20 people.
  • LCR2: Minimum 3 people; Maximum 12 people.
  • Requests must be submitted at least 2 days in advance.
  • The rooms may only be scheduled during times the library is open.
  • There is no charge to use the rooms.
  • If the door is locked when you arrive, please go to the Information Desk. A library staff member can unlock the door for you.
  • Groups reserving a room must be Biola-related (involving current students, faculty, or staff).
  • The rooms may not be used for regularly scheduled classes during a semester.
  • The rooms may not be used for regularly scheduled meetings of student and/or external organizations.
  • The rooms may not be used for student study groups.
  • The doors should be kept closed during your meeting/event; the library should remain a quiet environment for our patrons.
  • Loud talking, laughing, music and/or singing, even with the door closed, is not permitted since the rooms are not soundproof.
  • When you are through using the room, please turn out the lights and close the door.
  • If you cancel your meeting/event after scheduling one of the rooms, please advise Kim Knight right away so that the room can be freed up for others to use.


  • None of the existing tables or chairs may be removed from the rooms.
  • Existing tables must be used for your event (other tables may not be brought in by Event Services). The existing tables/chairs may be configured to meet your needs (or put in a corner of the room if not needed). When your meeting/event is over, the furniture should be put back in its original position.

Food/Bon Appetit

  • If needed, it is your responsibility to arrange for setup, food services, cleanup, etc.
  • If food is included in your event, please request a trash can to use and to be picked up at the end of your event (through Event Services, on 25Live). Please do not put garbage in the room’s trash cans as it will sit there overnight.
  • Please be sure to account for set up and clean up times when indicating your start time and end time on the LCR Request a Reservation Form.
  • If using Bon Appetit, be sure they know that they must show up for set up and clean up at the exact times that you give them. They may not set up earlier or clean up later than the starting and ending times you give to them when scheduling the room because doing so may intrude on another group.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure Bon Appetit cleans up the room during your scheduled time and that the room is clean and properly arranged for the next group using the room.
  • Red punch and grape drink are not allowed in the rooms.
  • There is a small refrigerator available in LCR1. You may use it during your scheduled time. Items may not be left when your meeting/event is over.


  • Both conference rooms are equipped with a Vaddio AV/Teleconferencing system.
  • Projection is available through cables attached to the video conferencing puck located on the conferece table. Adapters (Mac to HDMI, Lightning Cable to HDMI, etc.) are provided in all common formats.
  • Do not attempt to remove the video conferencing puck from the conference table as it can damage the device.
  • If you need AV equipment other than what is already provided in the room, or have questions about the permanent equipment in the room, please contact Tech Commons, x4808, located on the middle level of the library.
  • Attaching decorations or other items to the walls or ceiling is not permitted.
  • A wall-mounted telephone is available in LCR1 which provides for on-campus calls only. Staff workstation phones in the vicinity are not available for use.

BEFORE SUBMITTING A REQUEST: It is your responsibility to check the calendar on the next page (after clicking on the red button entitled "Reserve a Library Conference Room"), to ensure the date and time you want to request is available.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Reserve a Library Conference Room