The 10-Minute Missiologist

Cook School of Intercultural Studies

About this Course

Many Christians are engaged in missions in one form or another, but why study about missions in the context of the university? This course shows how academic disciplines such as linguistics, anthropology, education and history have improved the way people do missions in the field. Professors of missions-related courses at the Cook School of Intercultural Studies — a school with a worldwide reputation for training missionaries — give examples of how their academic disciplines are shaping missionary practice around the world.

This course introduces different ways people can get involved in missions and ways to overcome challenges in the mission field. Each module covers a certain missionary strategy. Learning culture, adjusting to cultures, teaching English in Asia, conducting business as mission, implementing community development work and doing Bible translations are all strategies that allow Christians to engage in missions. 

Through this course, you will discover ways to use your vocation cross-culturally to make disciples. You will also be able to pray more effectively for different areas of missions.  Missions pastors can benefit from having more tools for equipping people to use their vocations for missions. Each lesson contains:

  • A video that unpacks the lesson topic 
  • A reading assignment related to the lesson 
  • Reflections to help you integrate the material into your own life