TESOL: Essentials

Cook School of Intercultural Studies

Course FAQ

Each video segment lasts an average of 10 minutes, for a total of 4 hours of video for the entire course. The total amount of time it will take for you to complete the course will depend on how deeply you engage the reflection and application projects. Since this is a self-paced course, the time it will take you to complete it will depend on the speed with which you want to progress through the course.

No. The course contains everything you need to successfully complete the course. There are resources recommended at the end of the course that you are free to purchase if you wish to pursue further study on the course topic.

Since the TESOL courses are self-paced, you will have no interaction with the professor(s). However, if you are planning to submit your course assignments to obtain the TESOL Certificate, we recommend that you save all your work in one document, which will be submitted at the beginning of the Capstone course. At that point, a professor in the TESOL department will evaluate your work and provide feedback.

Learners who complete an individual TESOL course will receive a digital badge which signifies the development of a specific skill or competency. We partner with Accredible to provide digital badges that can be viewed digitally, downloaded, and shared to showcase your achievement. Add your badge to your LinkedIn profile, resume, email signature and more! For more information on how to access and share your badge, visit the Accredible knowledgebase.


Individual Courses:
Biola LEARN offers a series of 8 individual TESOL courses designed for flexible study of specific topics relevant to TESOL teachers. If you are new to the world of TESOL, it is highly recommended you engage in the TESOL: Essentials course first. The courses available in this series are listed below in the recommended order of completion, however courses can also be taken in any order, as needed.

  1. TESOL: Essentials
  2. TESOL: Teaching Speaking
  3. TESOL: Teaching Pronunciation
  4. TESOL: Professionalism
  5. TESOL: Classroom Management
  6. TESOL: Teaching Grammar
  7. TESOL: Teaching Vocabulary
  8. TESOL: Course Design

Professional Certificate in TESOL:
Biola LEARN’s Professional Certificate in TESOL is designed to equip learners with the essentials of teaching the English language, often in an informal, non-academic setting. As you work through 8 TESOL courses and a final Capstone, you will learn a variety of methods to aid in your teaching, and you will apply these methods to create your own lessons.

By taking an individual TESOL course you will automatically earn credit toward Biola LEARN’s TESOL Certificate.
You can switch from the individual track to the Certificate at any time without losing progress! To unlock the Capstone and complete all requirements for the Professional Certificate you will need to register for the TESOL Certificate. However, the price of the TESOL course(s) you have purchased will be automatically deducted from the total cost of the Certificate.