TESOL: Capstone

Cook School of Intercultural Studies

About this Course

The TESOL Capstone is designed for students who have completed the full series of the TESOL courses on Biola LEARN. This course allows students to apply what they have learned by creating a complete lesson plan. At the end of this course, students will have an opportunity to create a complete lesson plan, which is the capstone project that will be assessed for the Biola LEARN TESOL Certificate. 

In the TESOL Capstone, Dr. Purgason walks you through her detailed lesson planning process using an oral English textbook for beginning students. You can follow her example with another lesson using similar textbook materials provided. The process followed in this course will allow you to review previous TESOL courses on Biola LEARN and help develop your confidence in future lesson planning. 

To obtain the Biola LEARN TESOL certificate, you will need to complete the following courses, available on Biola LEARN:

  1. TESOL: Essentials
  2. TESOL: Teaching Speaking
  3. TESOL: Teaching Pronunciation
  4. TESOL: Professionalism
  5. TESOL: Classroom Management
  6. TESOL: Teaching Grammar
  7. TESOL: Teaching Vocabulary
  8. TESOL: Course Design
  9. TESOL: Capstone