Artificial Intelligence (AI): What's at Stake

Cook School of Intercultural Studies

About this Course

MIT recently announced that it will be opening up a college for the study of artificial intelligence (AI). Backed by a 1 billion dollar endowment, their goal is to make/create AI that is "good". Economic and political motivations to make AI "good" should prompt us to understand the implications of a world where AI is steadily blurring the line between computer and human. The engineering of artificial intelligence is already changing how younger generations are thinking about human relationships, empathy, and responsibility.

It is within those contexts that this course discusses some facets (not all facets) of AI with a goal to stir up knowledge of AI...not fear of AI. Anthropology’s goal as a discipline is to break silence and stir up understanding. Anthropology’s goal is also to make you uncomfortable with settling in the knowledge that you currently possess. It is within this anthropological directive that this course invites us to create ways to discuss the ways that AI pushes us, prods us, and interrupts our lives. This is the perfect time to begin a conversation about what is at stake in the world of artificial intelligence. Join me as we develop insight together.

This course features the teachings of Dr. David Lowry, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Biola University. You will also engage in reflections throughout the course that will push you to critically consider your views and role regarding this important topic.