Small Group Curriculum - Aspects of Cultural Self-Discovery

Talbot School of Theology

Talbot School of Theology

Sheryl Takagi Silzer, Ph.D., is a third generation Japanese American multicultural consultant with SIL International and Wycliffe Bible Translators. She served for many years in Colombia, South America and in the Asia Pacific area. She currently facilitates Cultural Self Discovery workshops for multicultural mission teams, mission agencies, schools and churches around the world. The workshops are based on her book “Biblical Multicultural Teams: Applying Biblical Truth to Cultural Differences” (2011). She teaches as an adjunct in Talbot’s Asian ministry classes. Her most recent research focus is delving into how Asian cultural practices are influenced by Asian philosophies and religions (such as Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism), especially in relation to the honor/shame dynamic.Her most recent book “Tapestry of Grace: Untangling the Cultural Complexities of Asian American Life and Ministry” co-author with Dr. Ben Shin reflects that research and interest (2016). She and her husband Peter have two married sons and five grandchildren.

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