Essentials of TESOL

Cook School of Intercultural Studies

About this Course

Are you interested in teaching English to speakers of other languages? If so, then welcome to the world of TESOL! This course is designed to prepare you to teach English in informal or short-term settings where a formal credential is not required. If you are taking a short-term overseas trip to teach English, or if you work with local immigrants in your community, or if you simply want to help a friend or neighbor improve her English proficiency, this course will help you. This course will also introduce you to the field of TESOL and show you other opportunities for you to be trained.

This self-paced, fully online course contains seventeen video lessons featuring Dr. Kitty Purgason, the Program Director for Applied Linguistics and TESOL at Biola University. Each video, which averages 10 minutes in length, is accompanied by a downloadable worksheet to help you retain the concepts and a reflection question to help you process what you have learned. Additionally, at periodic intervals throughout the course, you will encounter application projects that will help you think through your goals as a TESOL instructor and prepare a lesson plan for one of your teaching sessions. Finally, a wide variety of resources will be presented so that you have ample materials for your lessons as well as plenty of avenues for further study.

The complete set of video material runs about four hours in length. We encourage you to take as much additional time as you desire to engage in the reflection questions and develop at least one lesson plan.

This course is part of a series of TESOL courses available on Biola LEARN. It is highly recommended you engage in this course first. The other courses currently available in this series are listed below. They can be taken in any order, as needed.

  1. Essentials of TESOL
  2. Professionalism
  3. Teaching Speaking
  4. Classroom Management
  5. Pronunciation