Program at a Glance

  • Program Credits

    20 credits
    • Major/Concentration: 20
  • Accreditation


The kinesiology, health and physical education minor serves students with academic interests in health promotion, personal training, group exercise instruction, fitness and wellness. Students must complete 20 credits beyond the general education requirement, at least 12 of which must be upper-division.


Note: This list is intended to give you a quick glimpse into the program’s academic offerings, and should not be used as a guide for course selection or academic advising. For official program requirements, see the course catalog.

Core Courses

A minor in kinesiology, health and physical education is offered for those with an interest in personal training, group fitness instruction, coaching, recreational leadership or physical education.

An introduction to the basic structure and function of the human body. Laboratory emphasis varies from section to section to meet the needs of the different majors. Lecture/Lab Hours: Three hours lectures, one hour pre-lab, three hours laboratory. Notes: Cadavers are used. Grade Mode: A, N.

Basic qualifications of the successful leader of recreational groups; aims of a successful program; techniques of organizing and supervising the program.

Human movement with emphasis on the structure and function of the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems, with simple mechanical principles involved in movement skills. Grade Mode: A.