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Support for Female Faculty

Committee on Women Faculty

The Committee on Women Faculty (COWF) was created in 2010 in the Office of the Provost to ensure an equitable campus climate and to guide the campus in developing initiatives, policies, and programs that will support the professional flourishing of female faculty. The COWF exists to support the following three functions: Assessment (monitor levels of gender inclusiveness involving faculty and identify issues of concern to female faculty related to gender); Advocacy (encourage faculty who are facing issues of gender discrimination to bring concerns to the Committee, refer as needed, advocate when appropriate, and generate appropriate and related policy recommendations in response to the concerns); and Action (implement recommendations, educate the campus community on gender-related issues, and coordinate educational and action strategies with related campus departments).

For Handbook information on gender-related policies, see the following:

For more information about the Committee or any of its activities or publications, please contact the chair of the committee, Liz Hall.

Biola University has two dedicated spaces for breastfeeding women. One is located in Myers Hall on the second floor at the top of the back stairwell near office #209. For access to the room and information about its use, please contact the benefits coordinator in HR. The other room is located in Emerson; for access, please contact the administrative assistant for the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

P.A.C.E. - Professional Advancement through Collaborative Engagement

P.A.C.E. is a female faculty professional development initiative. The purpose of this multi-tiered program is to provide a scaffolding structure that will support interested female faculty in developing professionally. There are three levels to this program that each include specific topics and areas of growth: a foundational level, a developing level and an advanced level.

Some of the programs featured at each level are as follows:

Foundational Level:

  • Promotion & Tenure Preparation Learning Community
    • Introduction to the promotion process
    • Promotion application workshop
    • Developing the promotion binder
  • Research & Writing Agenda Learning Community
    • Establish research and writing goals in a collaborative group led by an experienced published mentor and scholar
    • Informal peer review of writing project

Developing Level:

  • Female Faculty Leadership Development Initiative
    • Training for academic leadership roles such as department chair, program director and dean
    • Monthly meetings focused on discussion of relevant leadership readings and working on developing a professional growth plan

Advanced Level:

  • Participation in the CCCU Women's Leadership Development Initiative

If interested in participating or receiving more information, contact Shelly Cunningham or Karina Serrano.

Female Faculty Leadership Development Initiative

The Leadership Development Initiative offers professional training for interested and qualified female faculty who are desirous of pursuing leadership roles in higher education such as department chair, dean, and cabinet-level positions.

Working in a cohort of 6-10 female faculty, this program meets once-a-month over the course of the academic year. By the end of participating in this one-year leadership development program, participants will be able to:

  1. Interpret, analyze and evaluate the strategic, business, and financial realities of higher education by taking a “balcony view,” with a leadership lens, of the academic landscape.
  2. Assess the costs, risks, benefits, and options of moving from faculty roles into administrative positions.
  3. Cultivate skills to navigate common barriers, traps and hurdles that face female faculty aspiring to administrative and leadership roles in the academy as well as at Biola.
  4. Build a professional network with women in a variety of disciplines and connect with high-level leaders in the university.
  5. Assemble a toolkit of best practices for female faculty in leadership roles and positions.
  6. Create a professional development plan that includes envisioning your own leadership gifts, capacities, and strengths and mapping a path to your identified leadership goals.

An application is required and participation pends on approval by the committee.

If interested in participating or receiving more information, contact Shelly Cunningham or Karina Serrano.

Female Faculty Fall Reception

Each fall the Office of Educational Effectiveness hosts an evening reception to welcome new women faculty and administrators and to celebrate the successes and achievements of women who have received promotion or tenure, terminal degrees, published, presented, and made progress in working toward other career marker points.

For more information, contact Shelly Cunningham or Karina Serrano.