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Getting Started

Biola Identification Number & Card

The Biola ID card is a vital part of the campus security and identification system. The university issues all students, faculty and staff an identification number. Standard employee card reader access includes after-hours entrance to the campus perimeter vehicle and pedestrian gates and Student Union Building, purchasing meals at the discounted staff/faculty rate at any of Biola's eateries, checking out books and other services out of the Biola Library, and much more. The Biola ID card remains active while an employee is on contract, and you can now add a digital ID card (Eagle ID) to your phone

Learn more about the ID card in Section 2.21 of the Employee Handbook.

Net ID

The NetID is the user name given to Biola faculty, staff, students and alumni to access technology services. The NetID is automatically created when your contract starts and deactivated when it ends. Before you can log in to any Biola systems or services, you need to set your NetID password. Explore How to Set Your NetID and Password for the First Time to learn more on setting your NetID password for the first time. For more information on using your Net ID to log into Biola services, visit Logging into Biola Services.

Note: The Net ID system will soon be replaced by Microsoft Azure Single Sign-On for all platforms.

Google Workspace

Biola uses Google Workspace for employee and student email, calendaring, document sharing and other Google services. The Biola Gmail account is the primary method of contact for all university communications. Eligibility for a Biola email address is triggered once a person is admitted and registered as a student or hired as an employee. Email account creation is done automatically. Find instructions on How to Log In to Your Biola Email Account.


Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) we use at Biola to provide an online space for class activities such as exchanging documents, online discussions, and managing course grades. You can log in at Here is Biola's Faculty Canvas Instructions Guide. Canvas also provides several resources such as a Canvas Instructor Guide, Canvas Video Guides and a Canvas Basics Guide.


My Account is Biola’s web portal — your personalized, first connection into Biola’s online tools and services. My Account allows university members to have secure, single sign-on access to applications and services for their distinct roles. The Faculty Tools page allows you to access tools such as Biola Insight, course roster, grades, etc. You can access My Account by logging into with your Net ID and password.

My Biola

My Biola is a centralized platform for all news, announcements, events and resources that equip faculty and staff with the tools they need or should access to fulfill their job responsibilities. You can access My Biola by logging into with your Net ID and password.

Parking Permit

You may obtain a free Parking Permit from the Campus Safety Office. Staff/faculty parking permits are non-transferrable (cannot be moved from car to car) and are linked only to the license plate that is registered with Campus Safety. Please visit the Vehicle Regulations page for the rules regarding parking and driving on campus.

Payroll Procedures

Full-time faculty are paid year-round; the pay period is twice a month, near the fifteenth, and on the last working day of the month. Adjunct faculty should confirm with their department chair and/or dean the method that will be used for compensation. You can read more about payroll procedures and the direct deposit option in Section 4.3 of the handbook.

Workers Compensation

If you ever get injured while working for Biola, there are resources available to treat you, and corresponding procedures and paperwork that need to be followed. Depending on the time of day, day of the week, and severity of the injury, you may go to the Health Center on campus, or to an off-campus healthcare provider, as described in the online Employee Handbook, Section 5.31, Workers Compensation Insurance.

Additional Helpful Tools

  • Campus Directory: A searchable directory can be found at, it is searchable by last name, first name, department and title. If you are a new full-time faculty member with an office phone, you can visit IT's Cisco VoIP Phone Service page for additional resources.
  • Academic Calendar: For your course planning, an academic calendar is provided with important university dates.
  • Organizational Charts: To gain perspective on the structure of the university, and to see how the various departments are aligned in their reporting relationships, you can go to Section 1.5 of the Employee Handbook. You can also find the most updated organizational chart in the My Biola Resources section under “Guides.”
  • Campus Map & Tour: If your teaching assignment is your first experience with Biola, there are ways for you to get acquainted with the campus. You can visit the interactive campus map or get a tour (virtually or in person).
  • Abbreviations and Terms: Section 1.7 of the Employee Handbook has an extensive list of acronyms and abbreviations and their explanations.