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Classroom Support

Access to Classrooms

Consult with the department for whom you are teaching to discuss procedures for getting your designated classroom(s) unlocked, if they happen to be locked when you arrive. Depending on the location and time of day, the room may/may not already be unlocked. As a backup option, you may always call the Switchboard (dial “0”; the Switchboard is located in the Metzger lobby) and someone will come unlock your classroom. If you cannot access a campus phone, you may call 562-903-6000.

Facilities Problems (other than locked doors)

If you encounter problems with lighting, a room being excessively hot/cold, a student reporting a leak in an adjacent bathroom, etc., you should call (562) 903-4897. For evenings or on weekends, you can dial “zero” from a campus phone or 562-903-6000 from a non-campus phone. (In the evening, someone from Facilities Services is on call, but only to respond to major emergencies.)

Classroom Technology Issues


Information Technologies can train you to use the audio/visual equipment in your classroom. If you'd like a one-on-one consultation, create an appointment and someone from IT will meet you in your classroom.

Real-time Assistance

If you are having issues with the audio/visual equipment during a class session, Information Technology (IT) can help. They respond to calls and will either fix the problem or provide a suitable workaround to get you through your class. Regular IT hours are from 8am-5pm, M-F with extended hours from 5-10pm, M-F. They can be reached at (562) 903-4740 or via the Teleportivity QR Code found in every classroom. For more information you can visit the Instructional Technologies help page.

Campus Safety

Biola has one or more officers on duty, 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. You can find office hours, contact information and other helpful information on the Campus Safety webpage.

Emergency Situations

In the event of a medical or other emergency situation while you are on campus, you should immediately dial x.5111, if you have ready access to a campus phone, which puts you in touch with the Switchboard and Campus Safety. If you do not have access to a campus phone, you may use a cell phone to call (562) 777-4000.

Biola University has a plan in place to mitigate major emergencies and disasters affecting campus, including earthquakes, active shooters, fires or explosions, medical emergencies and more. You can learn more about emergency preparedness in the Emergency Response Guidebook.