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Campus Resources

Eating on Campus

There are several options for on-campus dining. You can receive a 27% discount if you purchase food using Flex Dollars on your ID card. You can add Flex dollars to your personal account at a dining register or online via e-Accounts.

Mailing & Parcel Services

You can send and receive on-campus mail from your department’s office. You can also go to the Post Office on campus, located on the Plaza next to Common Grounds coffee shop, to purchase stamps or send personal packages via U.S. Mail, UPS, or Fed-Ex.

Recreation & Fitness

Biola offers students, faculty and staff a wide variety of options when it comes to on-campus recreation. Access to the track, fitness center, pool and locker rooms are free with a valid Biola ID card and open hours run through the weekend. The hours for both the Fitness Center and the Swimming Pool fluctuate throughout the year, depending on the academic calendar and related activities.

Obtaining Cash on Campus

There are two methods of obtaining cash while on campus:

  1. An ATM is located in the lower level of the Student Union Building. It is operated by Southwest Federal Credit Union. If you belong to a credit union, there is no fee surcharge for using the machine. Biola has a relationship with two credit unions, in case you are interested in joining one. There are the Southwest Credit Union and the ECCU (Evangelical Christian Credit Union).
  2. The other way to obtain cash is by going to the Cashiers Window in lower Metzger, between 10:30am - 3:30pm (note: during the summer, The Cashier's Office is closed from 12:00 - 1:00pm) You must show your Biola ID card to cash a personal check (write your Biola ID number on the check) . There is no service fee for cashing personal checks, the limit of which is $200.

Health Center

While existing primarily to serve the student population, Biola's Health Center also provides service to faculty and staff in certain situations. If you need first aid while on campus, you may go to the Health Center, next to the Library, during daytime hours. In the evening, contact the Biola switchboard in the event of a first aid need (dial "zero" unless it is an emergency, then dial “5111”). If you do not have access to a campus phone, you can call 562-903-6000.

In the waiting room area of the Health Center, certain over-the-counter medications and supplies, such as aspirin, are available for the taking, in small quantities. In most years, flu shots are offered for a nominal fee during the autumn.

Biola Shuttle

Biola provides a shuttle service to a few nearby locations. To view the schedule and stops, please visit the Biola Shuttle webpage.

Institute for Spiritual Development—Center for Spiritual Renewal

The Center for Spiritual Renewal is the soul care ministry arm of the Institute for Spiritual Formation (ISF) developed in order to serve the training and mentoring needs of faculty, ISF graduate students, the Biola student population and the community beyond. The Center is the very heart of its graduate training programs, offering the following ministries:

  • Ministering to/training graduate and undergraduate students
  • Faculty and campus resource
  • Research and development in the area of spiritual formation and soul care
  • Church and beyond-Biola Resource and community development.

Lactation Rooms

Biola University has the following dedicated spaces for breastfeeding women.

  • Library: in the lower level of the library, a Mamava lactation pod is available. For access, download the Mamava App.
  • Myers Hall: on the second floor at the top of the back stairwell near office #209. For access to the room, please contact the benefits coordinator in HR.
  • Emerson: for access, please contact the administrative assistance for the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.