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Administering the Surveys

Administration Dates

For the fall and spring semesters, the course surveys are open the last 3 weeks of the term starting Monday. The first week of the administration is an optional time for instructors to conduct the surveys. Since students are not notified, instructors can craft their own messaging to students prior to administering the survey in class or announcing it on Canvas. In this case, faculty would need to send students the link to surveys (see Student Access Links below).

On the Monday of the second week of the administration, an email is sent to all students with the link and instructions for completing their surveys. Additional reminder emails are automatically generated for students who have incomplete surveys. Faculty are still welcome to personally encourage students to complete the surveys during this time (see Best Practices for more information).

We also administer surveys for summer and fall and spring session A courses, however, since these are smaller batches of courses with different end dates, administration dates vary.

Student Access Links

The Student Ratings of Instruction is built on an interactive, accessible online platform. Users can access the platform through any device with access to the internet. There are two links a student can use to access the surveys:

General Link

The general link for students is This link takes students to their dashboard where they can see all of their course evaluations (see images/section below).

Direct Access Link

Instructors can provide a unique survey link to enrolled students for direct access to a course section's evaluation. Only students enrolled in the course section will be authenticated into the evaluation, bypassing the landing page. During class, instructors can post this link on the board/projector for students to then access from their mobile device. The direct access link is only available once the administration has opened.

A direct evaluation link is provided on the instructor page

The direct evaluation link URL is available to share to students.

Student Experience

Students have the ability to start an evaluation and continue it at a later time as well as the ability to edit their answer choices after they have completed the evaluation. Students can only edit their evaluations during the time frame that the evaluations are collecting responses. Once the deadline for the evaluation closes, students are no longer able to complete the surveys. There is no way to reopen the survey to allow additional submissions.

Viewing Response Rates

It is helpful to monitor your response rates during an active administration. Instructors can view response rates by logging into with their Net ID and password. Once the proper term is selected, scroll to the desired course and the response rate will appear as shown below.

Faculty can view evaluation response rates on their course evaluation page

In-Class Capture

If you are completing the surveys in class, you will need to leave the room while students are taking the surveys. It should take students approximately 10 minutes to complete the surveys. If you would rather not leave the room completely unattended, you could ask an administrative assistant to stay in the room (or swap off with a faculty colleague) during the time you are asking students to complete the IDEA evaluation.

How to Garner Reflection and Intentionality

In the End-of-Year IDEA Eval Process, Dr. Arianna Molloy provides a helpful map to administer the IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction. This process helps to "set the scene" and provide context for students as they prepare to evaluate the class, and allows closure to their learning in the course.