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Adjunct Faculty

The Office of Faculty Advancement (OFA) coordinates the following programs for adjunct faculty. For more information about each of these programs or events, please connect with our Program Coordinator, Karina Serrano.

Adjunct Newsletters

OFA sends bi-montly newsletters to adjunct faculty with teaching and scholarship resources and upcoming training and development opportunities, such as the ones listed below. While on-contract, adjunct faculty also receive the university Campus-Wide News emails sent on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the Community News sent on Fridays.

Adjunct Online Orientation

The Adjunct Online Orientation Part I is an optional 1-hour orientation accessed through Canvas (Biola’s learning management system) that newly hired adjunct faculty can complete at their own pace. Part I of the orientation covers the following topics:

  • University Mission & Policies
  • Student Care & Intervention
  • New Faculty Survival Guide
  • Basic Pedagogy Resources

Adjunct Filling Station

The Adjunct Filling Station is an annual event held every spring semester to acknowledge and affirm the contribution of our adjunct faculty. The evening includes dinner, a celebration of adjunct faculty contributions, professional development, and practical resources to support ongoing professional development.

Additional Programs and Events

In addition to the tailored programs above, adjunct faculty are invited to Faculty Advancement programs such as lunch and learns, faculty conference, workshops and webinars. Adjuncts are notified of these programs through the adjunct newsletters.