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Women in Apologetics Conference

Engaging the Culture for Christ

    • January 11-12, 2019
  • Feinberg - Calvary Chapel
  • Open to: Alumni, Faculty, General Public, Parents, Staff, Students

Cost and Admission

This is a paid event.

Join us for the 2nd Annual Women in Apologetics Conference, "Engaging the Culture for Christ," at Biola University. This year’s conference will equip, educate and encourage you to have compassion without compromise and impact the culture for Christ. That’s why our theme is Engaging the Culture for Christ!


Friday, January 11th

6:00 p.m.     Doors Open
6:30 p.m.     Event Begins
6:40 p.m.     Worship with Alisa Childers
7:00 p.m.     Keynote 1: Michelle Tepper: "Is the Bible Good News for Women?"
8:00 p.m.     Break
8:25 p.m.     Keynote 2: Tricia Scribner: "Life Givers Apologetics"
9:30 p.m.     Event Ends

Saturday, January 12th

8:30 a.m.     Doors Open
9:00 a.m.     Event Begins
9:10 a.m.     Worship with Alisa Childers
9:35 a.m.     Keynote 3: Kristen Davis: "Old Testament: History of Hoax?"
10:35 a.m.   Break
11:00 a.m.   Breakout Sessions A
12:00 p.m.   Lunch
1:30 p.m.     Breakout Sessions B
2:30 p.m.     Break
2:50 p.m.     Breakout Sessions C
3:50 p.m.     Break
4:10 p.m.     Keynote 4: Krista Bontrager: "Christian Values in Changing Times"
5:30 p.m.     Event Ends

Breakout Speakers

  • Laurie Stewart
  • Hillary Morgan Ferrer
  • Jade Turner
  • Claudia Kalmikov
  • Amy Hall
  • Alisa Childers
  • Brittney Brown
  • Marilyn Joy Tyner
  • La Nej Garrison
  • Rebekah Valerius
  • Elizabeth Urbanowicz
  • Cynthia Hampton

Learn more about all the WIA Speakers

Live Stream: 

We will be live streaming both worship times and all four keynote speakers. Register for the live stream now!

We will also be offering a full day of WIA Kids on Saturday, January 12, 2019, for children in grades 3–6.


Contact Megan Clark at:
(562) 906-4570