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Celebration of Scholarship & Research Workshop

Professional Experience Presenting & Sharing Your Research

Cost and Admission

This event is free to attend.

Looking for professional experience presenting and sharing your research with others? This spring, Biola’s Office of Faculty Advancement will host our third annual Celebration of Scholarship and Research (CSR), a campus-wide event for students, faculty and staff to share their research. To help students prepare, we will be hosting this workshop on October 22.

  • Great for students who don't have experience writing an abstract or submitting research to be presented
  • Opportunity to discuss current research passions or ideas with other students and faculty facilitators (Dr. Brent Peterson — Kinesiology and Health Science)
  • Great place to ask questions, learn about the process and hear from faculty with publishing/presenting experience
  • Good place to start for students who have never considered publishing/presenting research

Register today!


Contact Karina Serrano at:
562-944-0351 x3844