Natural Evil

Christian Scientific Society National Meeting

    • January 26-27, 2018
  • Marshburn - Mayers Auditorium
  • Open to: Alumni, Faculty, General Public, Parents, Staff, Students

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This is a paid event.

Many evolutionists point to “bad design” in nature, or predators, etc., as evidence of evolution by undirected processes. Many Christians also accept that these things are “bad,” and argue that they are a result of the curse when humanity fell into sin. For others, natural evil is a major theological problem. Join the Chemistry, Physics, Engineering and Christian Apologetics departments as they partner in hosting the 2018 Christian Scientific Society National Meeting, titled "Natural Evil," on January 26–27 at Biola University. Come and hear experts speak on topics such as influences on evolutionary theory, the human genome and much more. Dr. Mike Keas and Dr. David Snoke will also debate the topic, "Are Carnivorous Animals the Result of Human Sin?"


Friday, Jan. 26, Mayers Auditorium, Marshburn Hall

8 p.m. Dr. Mike Keas & Dr. David Snoke, "A Friendly Debate: Are Carnivorous Animals The Result of Human Sin?"

Saturday, Jan. 27, Moats Lecture Hall, Crowell School of Business

1 p.m. Dr. Cornelius Hunter, "Non-Empirical Influences on Evolutionary Theory"

2 p.m. Dr. Fazale Rana, "The Human Genome: ENCODED by Design"

3 p.m. Dr. Jerry Bergman, "The Tragic History of Mutations as the Source of Genetic Variety"

4 p.m. Dr. Anjeannette Roberts, "Evil or Potential for Greater Discovery?"

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