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The Association of English Alumni

The Association is a loose organization of Biola's English alumni that operates independantly of both the English department and Biola's Alumni Association. To stay connected and join the group, please visit their Facebook page.

Our Mission:

We exist to facilitate and assist the alumni of said department in the cultivation and development of their skills and passions for the advancement of their personal callings and the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We recognize the need for life-long community and educational opportunities that support and equip our faith, chosen occupation, and goals. We recognize that the work of ministry is accomplished in communities of believers who assist each other in their callings with their individual skills, experience and resources.

Our Association of English Alumni at Biola University hopes to be a conduit for this sort of community and ministry to our members and the English Department—that both their faith and the ministry of the Kingdom may be furthered to the glory of Christ.