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  • Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary
  • M.Th., Bangui Evangelical Graduate School of Theology

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Moussa Bongoyok was born in Cameroon. He is a faculty member at Biola University and President of the Board of Directors of the Francophone University of International Development. He is a pastor, evangelist, author and professor. He has a range of experience in teaching, pastoral care, international development, academic administration, leadership at various levels and cross-cultural ministry in more than twenty countries (Africa, Europe, North America and Asia). Bongoyok brings strong skills in areas of intercultural communication, systematic theology, program development and implementation, balance between scholarship and practice, cross-cultural competencies, Christian ethics and non-Western perspectives on current trends. He is married to Priscille and they have three children.


  • Coordinator of the Network of Evangelical Missiologists for Francophone Africa
  • Member of the Evangelical Missiology Society
  • Member of American Society of Missiology
  • Member of the International Association for the promotion of Higher Education
  • Member of the International Association for Missions Studies
  • Member of Middle East Studies Association

Publications (Selected)

  • “Brève Introduction à l’Ethique Islamique.” Global Missiology. Ed. Enoch Wan. 2012

  • “L’autorité dans l’Islam.” Global Missiology. Ed. Enoch Wan, 2012.

  • Saahinki linjiila be tokkindirki. Mokolo. Cameroun: Editions UEEC, 1996.

  • Evangélisation systematique Cameroon Pour Christ. Mokolo. Cameroun: Editions UEEC, 1995.

Book Review
  • “Religion and Development: Ways of Transforming the World” in International Bulletin Vol. 36, No. 4, October 2012, p. 222.

Books, Book Chapters
  • “The African Christian and Muslim Militancy” in John Azuma and Lamin Sanneh, eds. The African Christian and Islam (Cumbria: Langham Monographs, 2013).

  • “Le concept de la pauvreté dans l’islam: leçons pour le développement du Nord Cameroun” in Adder Abel Gwoda et Alawadi Zelao, eds. Le Nord-Cameroun à l’épreuve des pluralismes (Paris :L’harmattan, 2012).

  • “Missions among the Urban Mission Diaspora in the West” in Enoch Wan Diaspora Missiology (Portland, OR: Institute of Diaspora Studies, 2011)

  • “The Influence of Unreached Peoples Thinking on Francophone African Theological Education and Mission” in Beth Snodderly and Scott Moreau Evangelical and Frontier Mission: Perspectives on the Global Progress of the Gospel. Ed. Beth Snodderly and Scott Moreau (Oxford: Regnum Books, 2011)

  • “Islamism and Receptivity to Jesus” in Dudley Woodberry, ed. From Seed to Fruit (Pasadena, CA: William Carey Library, 2008).

  • Evangélisation en milieu musulman : principes de base (Thune : Sénevé, 2000)

  • Témoignage chrétien en milieu musulman (Mokolo, Cameroun: Editions UEEC, 1995)

Contributions to Books
  • "Islamism and Receptivity to Jesus." From Seed to Fruit. Ed. Dudley Woodberry. Pasadena, CA: William Carey Library, 2008. 

  • La théologie et son impact sur la vie chrétienne en Afrique (Book due for publication)

  • “L’implantation d’églises dans chaque people et village” (Chapter already submitted due for publication in France, Switzerland and Germany)

  • “L’avancée de l’Islam en Afrique Francophone” (Chapter already submitted due for publication in France, Switzerland and Germany)

  • Islam en Afrique (Book due for publication)

  • (Book) “Blessing the Nations through Christian Higher Education” (due for Publication)

  • Christian Witness in Muslim context (Book due for publication).

Other Publications
  • “Brève Introduction à l’Ethique Islamique” (Online Scholarly Publication with Global Missiology edited by Enoch Wan, 2012)

  • “L’autorité dans l’Islam” (Online Scholarly Publication with Global Missiology edited by Enoch Wan, 2012)

  • Evangélisation en milieu musulman : principes de base. Thune : Sénevé, 2000.

  • Témoignage chrétien en milieu musulman. Mokolo, Cameroun: Editions UEEC, 1995.

  • Evangélisation systematique Cameroon Pour Christ (Mokolo, Cameroun: Editions UEEC, 1995)

  • Short articles on Blog focusing on African proverbs:

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