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  • Habilitation, Theological Faculty of the University of Basel
  • Ph.D., Theological Faculty of the University of Basel
  • M.Div, Theological Faculty of the University of Basel


Markus Zehnder grew up in Switzerland and is an ordained minister of the Reformed Church of Switzerland. After the completion of his doctorate, he moved to Jerusalem and then to Boston for postdoctoral studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at Harvard University. He has held teaching positions in Switzerland, Germany, Norway, and Belgium. He has a passion to connect the Bible both with personal and societal issues. Questions relating to migration are at the top of the list of his research interests.


  • Society of Biblical Literature
  • Canadian Society for Biblical Studies
  • Agder Vitenskapsakademi
  • Norwegian Old Testament Society

Publications (Selected)


  • Umgang mit Fremden in Israel und Assyrien (BWANT 168; Stuttgart, 2005)
  • Wegmetaphorik im Alten Testament - Eine semantische Untersuchung der alttestamentlichen und altorientalischen Weg-Lexeme mit besonderer Berücksichtigung ihrer metaphorischen Verwendung (BZAW 268; Berlin/New York, 1999)

Edited Books:

  • Interreligious Relations: Biblical Perspectives, with Hallvard Hagelia (London: Bloomsbury T&T Clark)
  • New Studies in the Book of Isaiah – Essays in Honor of Hallvard Hagelia (Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures and Its Contexts 21; Piscataway, 2014)
  • Encountering Violence in the Bible, with Hallvard Hagelia (The Bible in the Modern World 55; Sheffield, 2013)
  • The Parthian Empire and its Religions – Das Partherreich und seine Religionen, with Peter Wick (Pietas 5; Gutenberg, 2012)

Articles in Lexicons, Journals, Collected Editions and Festschriften:

  • Literary and Other Observations on Passages Dealing with Foreigners in the Book of Deuteronomy: The Command to Love the Ger Read in Context (in: Sepher Torath Mosheh: Studies in the Composition and Interpretation of Deuteronomy, Ed. Daniel I. Block and Richard L. Schultz, Peabody: Hendrickson 2017, pp. 192-231)
  • Interreligious Relations in the Future as Described in the Latter Prophets (in: Interreligious Relations: Biblical Perspectives, Ed. Hallvard Hagelia and Markus Zehnder, London: Bloomsbury T&T Clark, 2017, pp. 89-118)Structural Complexity, Semantic Ambiguity, and the Question of Literary Integrity: A New Reading of Leviticus 26,14-45 (in: Nächstenliebe und Gottesfurcht – Beiträge aus alttestamentlicher, semitistischer und altorientalistischer Wissenschaft für Hans-Peter Mathys zum 65. Geburtstag, Ed. Hanna Jenni and Markus Saur, Münster 2016, 503-530)
  • The Enigmatic Figure of the "Servant of the Lord“ - Observations on the Relations Between the„Sevant of the Lord“ in Isaiah 42-53 and Other Salvific Figures in the Hebrew Bible (in: New Studies in the Book of Isaiah, Ed. Markus Zehnder, Piscataway 2014, 231-282)
  • Why the Danielic "Son of Man“ is a Divine Being (BBR 24, 2014, 331-348)
  • The Annihilation of the Canaanites: Reassessing the Brutality of the Biblical Witnesses (in: Encountering Violence in the Bible, Ed. Markus Zehnder / Hallvard Hagelia, Sheffield 2013, 263-290)
  • Good Governance in the Analects of Confucius and in the Book of Proverbs (in: Symposium in Celebrating the 2560 Anniversary of Confucius, Ed. Teng Wensheng / Shan Chun, Beijing 2010, 219-249
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