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    Cristal is a Southern California native from Huntington Beach. Actually, her first time out of Orange County was during her first college visit to Biola University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Cristal’s passion for students originates from her own experiences as a student. She is a first generation college graduate and professional that grew up in a poverty-level household where she had to tackle many obstacles like navigating the higher education system, prioritizing her mental and spiritual health and balancing work and school.

    Cristal firmly believes that it takes a village to raise someone, and is forever grateful to the community that helped raise her. Among these people were teachers, college counselors, staff and professors who made the choice to pour into her educational journey. As a result, Cristal possesses a deep love for helping others pioneer and navigate through their own educational experiences and wants to be part of a village that seeks to help students find answers, conquer difficulties and grow exponentially in all areas of their lives through their time at Biola. She is determined to do what she can to be a conduit in the lives of her students so that they can continue to pursue God’s calling.

    Cristal enjoys spending time discovering new places and allowing her world to grow bigger. She connects with God best during hikes where she can marvel at God’s handiwork and practice the spiritual disciplines of silence and solitude. She serves as a junior high leader at Cypress Church where God has provided a loving and supportive community that she sees as another extension of home. Eventually, Cristal wants to pursue her master’s in educational administration but is first enjoying this period of her life where she can engage with and serve students fully.

    Fun Fact: Cristal loves collecting dead flowers and going on exciting hikes

    Interests: Mountains, the ocean, trees, the color yellow

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