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Education: Biola, B.A. Radio/TV/Film; Azusa Pacific, M.Ed. Student Development; Biola, Ed.D. Educational Studies.
At Biola since: 2002
My StrengthsFinder top five: Competition, Focus, Activator, Belief, Responsibility.

1. What do you do in your job (briefly)? Oversee all student disability accommodations (physical, learning, psychological), College Study Skills programming, and undergraduate tutoring endeavors. I also serve on the Student Care Team, and oversee the Director of Student Communications.

2. The five (or so) most influential books you've read:
Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury;
Mere Christianity - C. S. Lewis;
Thrilled to Death - Archibald Hart;
StrengthsQuest - Donald Clifton & Edward "Chip" Anderson;
Goodnight Moon - Margaret Wise Brown.

3. An influential person in your life/A hero/Your best example of love? The whole idea of love takes on an entirely new meaning when you have children (recently for me). The entire analogy in the Bible about God being our Father and we being his little children gains new meaning. This understanding breathes new vitality and care into my role as an earthly father but also into my perspective with my heavenly Father.

4. Why are you at Biola? I believe in the mission and driving force of this university. This truly is a special place to learn, worship, grow and work.

5. Your testimony (in 200 words or less): I was raised in a Christian family and as many children do, “asked Jesus into my heart” at a very young age. However, in Jr. High/entering high school I recommitted that I believed in Christ and that it wasn’t my family’s thing but rather my personal commitment.

6. If God put you completely in charge of creating Heaven, what would it be like? Heaven would smell like it just rained on Mon, Wed, & Fri. On Tuesdays and Thursdays it would smell like a new baseball glove. Finally, all weekend, it would alternate between the smell like bacon and cookies baking. I would have a large Imax screen to re-watch/relive some of the spectacular events in history (Creation, Noah’s Ark, the Dinosaurs). There would be an awesome zoo with every living creature to marvel at God’s creativity.

9. What are five things you are most thankful for in your life right now? Aside from salvation, my health, family, freedom and other altruistic endeavors...

  • My family & our home
  • That Fall Season has just arrived
  • Music that speaks to my soul
  • Good food and good friends
  • The innocence of my children

10. What job do you fantasize about having? Owning and working a ranch/farm.

11. Last book you read? Dracula, Bram Stoker.

11. A brush with fame/celebrity? I sat behind Bobby Flay on a flight from NYC to Vermont… does that count?

12. Which fictional character do you most resemble? Shawn Spencer from “Psych”

13. Who plays you in your bio-pic? Chris Evans (Captain America)… although he would need to work out a bit to gain a comparable fitness level ;)

14. What’s your ringtone? It’s either on silent or the “old-school” phone ringtone.

15. Favorite electronic device? iPad… hands down

16. What natural talent do you wish you had? I wish I had a great singing voice.

17. What is your life theme song? Presently it would be “Can’t Go Back Now” by The Weepies.

18. Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes, I knew there was something special about my wife the first day I saw her in college. That said, I believe love is a choice beyond finding the “one perfect person” for you. Perfect people don’t exist and love fills in those imperfections.

19. Do you think it is possible to live with no regrets? Not from personal experience, I think there is always a drive for improvement in life. If we don’t mess up every once in a while, we’re not really stretching ourselves or trying new things.

20. What is your definition of success? Being excellent at what we do; doing things right not just getting them done.

21. What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? The Fall foliage in New England in rather spectacular.

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