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What We Do

To be the preeminent enrollment, marketing and communications team in higher education — recognized for our innovative drive, collaborative spirit, strategic execution, industry-leading results and five-star customer service — to maximize Biola University’s impact on the world for Jesus Christ.

The Office of University Enrollment will do this by:

Building enthusiastic awareness of Biola to prospective students and families in order to recruit qualified, well-matched and diverse populations through: executing data-driven recruitment plans and world-class campus visit experiences; developing quality pathway programs that connect the community to Biola and support the cultivation of long-term relationships with schools, churches and other relevant audiences; advocating for emerging populations such as graduate, international, PTUG, online, transfer and students of color; strategically providing financial aid to increase affordability and delivering quality counseling and aid to help streamline the financial aid process for new and continuing students; utilizing data and managing systems to implement efficient enrollment processes and creating accurate and timely reports by applying data science to forecast enrollment.

Open Hours

Regular Hours
8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Monday – Friday)

Summer Hours
8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Monday – Thursday)
8 a.m. – 12 p.m. (Friday)

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Offices & Services

Department Members

AllAdmissions OperationsBYMO and BYTFinancial AidGraduate AdmissionsInternational AdmissionsPost-Traditional AdmissionsTraditional Undergraduate Admissions
Amanda Slaughter
Associate Vice President of University Enrollment
Briana Taylor
Administrative Assistant to the Associate Vice President of University Enrollment
Michelle Reider
Director of Traditional Undergraduate Admissions
Caitlin Esau
Associate Director of Admissions Operations
Amy Payton
Director of Post-Traditional Admissions and Pathways Programs
James Hampson
Director of Graduate Admissions
Fitsum Mulat
Director of International Admissions
Geoff Marsh
Senior Director of Financial Aid
Director of Ministry Outreach
Associate Director of Freshman Admissions
Angela Barragan
Associate Director of Transfer Admissions
Veronica Alvarado
Assistant Director of Multi-Ethnic Outreach
Kelsey Krall
Assistant Director of Freshman Recruiting
Amber Nakamura
Senior Freshman Admissions Counselor
Danny Roh
Senior Freshman Admissions Counselor
Brian Glaze
Freshman Admissions Counselor
Karol Curiel
Senior Freshman Admissions Counselor
Nadia Lauren
Freshman Admissions Counselor
Emily Sagherian
Freshman Admissions Counselor
Megan Stewart
Admissions Associate
Ryan Thompson
Admissions Associate
Hilma Gomez
Multi-Ethnic Outreach Coordinator
Rachel Cho
Transfer Admissions Counselor
Ben Crellin
Transfer Admissions Counselor
Jonathan Hernandez
Transfer Admissions Recruiter
Heather Davenport
Associate Director of Campus Visits, Events and Student Ambassadors
Carla Tipton
Assistant Director of Campus Visits
Ashley Perez
Admissions Events Coordinator
Mary Hurd
Lead Admissions Receptionist
Lizzette Saavedra
Assistant Visit Coordinator
Esther Hwang
Transfer Admissions Counselor
Kayla Zuniga
Transfer Admissions Recruiter
Janay Temple
Admissions Counselor
Rosie Chia
Special Projects Coordinator
Horacio Sevilla Figueroa
Freshman Admissions Recruiter
Riva Lee
Business Process Specialist
Abraham Brevard
Business Analyst, CRM
Meredith Vincent
Operations Specialist
Theresa Valles
Senior Processing Specialist
Ali Bland
Data Integrity Specialist
Tiffany Pang
Operations Specialist
Maritza Nevarez
Operations Specialist
Deedee Ahn
Processing Specialist
Daniel Allinson
Reporting Specialist
Brian Messner
Reporting Associate
Amanda Fox
Assistant Director of Admissions for Pathways Programs
Sean Kocmoud
Senior Post-Traditional Admissions Counselor
Crystel Vargas
Post-Traditional Admissions Counselor
Michael Rowe
Post-Traditional Admissions Counselor
Todd Johnson
Associate Director of Graduate Admissions
Johnathan Garcia
Associate Director of Graduate Admissions for Digital Learning
Rachael Mitchell
Senior Graduate Admissions Counselor
Elizabeth Rubio
Senior Graduate Admissions Counselor
Andrea Choi
Senior Graduate Admissions Counselor
Nic Perry
Graduate Admissions Counselor
Haily Osterhaus
Senior Graduate Admissions Counselor for Digital Learning
Alex Mutch
Senior Graduate Admissions Recruiter
Elaine Dykema
Retention Counselor - Office Manager
Amanda Nouvong
Recruiting Coordinator
Heaven Lee
Undergraduate International Admissions Counselor
Assistant Director, International Admissions
Jackie Chang
Senior International Admissions Counselor (English Language Program)
Pauline Kim
Asia Recruitment Officer
Paulina Limchaiyawat
International Admissions Coordinator
Camila Chen
Communications Associate
Donald Gordon
Associate Director of Financial Aid, Customer Service and Staff Care
Associate Director of Financial Aid, Training and Compliance
Melissa Gonzalez
Associate Director, Online/Modular/Trimester Programs
Theodore Cervantes
Systems Specialist
John Melendrez
Financial Aid Specialist (Federal Direct Loans)
Moon Hui Jung
Financial Aid Specialist (Federal Direct Loans)
Ashlynn Mun
Financial Aid Specialist (Private & Institutional Loans)
Rosanne Zukle
Senior Specialist (Special Programs, R2T4)
Emilee Hidy
Senior Specialist of SAP and Compliance
Rebecca Langenwalter
Michael Katz
Senior Counselor (Study Abroad Programs)
Kimberly Alvarez
Financial Aid Counselor
Sheena Arroyo
Financial Aid Counselor (Military Benefits)
Hannah Emenaker
Senior Counselor and Student Worker Supervisor
Michele Redmond
Receptionist/Office Assistant
Faye Maretic
Financial Aid Coordinator - Online Programs
Karen Nutcher
Administrative Assistant/Financial Aid Office Assistant
Sarai Molina
Office Assistant
Brooke Fermin
Financial Aid Specialist (Cal Grant and Tuition Waiver)
Assistant Director, BYMO
Michele Stevens
Artistic Director/Producer (BYT)
Eva Radford
Office Manager
Leslie Walker
Office Assistant
Adjunct Professor, Theatre
Vocal Director/Coach
Andrea Marks
Production Coordinator
Communications Coordinator
Tamra Auda
Staff Accompanist
Jonathan Mull
Production Stage Manager
Rachel Ward
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