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Theatre Internships

Internships are not required for students in the Theater major, but they are highly recommended. In order to receive internship credit as an elective unit (COMM 440) a student must have junior or senior status. A student who does an internship on campus will receive COMM 450 Practicum credit instead of COMM 440 credit. By definition, internships must be off campus. Students who do internships and are freshmen or sophomores should sign up for COMM 450 Practicum.

COMM 440 internships may vary from 1 to 3 units, with each unit requiring 60 hours of service for the opportunity to work in the vocational industry. A wide variety of options exists to help students use their communication skills in an internship. As long as basic communication work is allowed, virtually any and all internships may be counted for credit.

The department-endorsed internship of choice is the Disney College Program, a nine-month internship with formal class sessions held at the Disneyland Resort. A maximum of 12 units may be taken as part of the Disney College Program. Course substitutions for the Disney program include: COMM 387 Organizational Communication (3), COMM 470 Rhetoric of Entertainment Seminar (3), and COMM 474 Advanced Studies: Leadership Communication (3).

The Disney College Program requires a separate application for consideration. A prospective student may participate in either the fall or spring semesters. Other internship opportunities may become available and will be announced on campus during the academic year. No student may count more than a combination of 9 units of COMM 440 Internship, COMM 450 Practicum, or COMM 480 Directed Research from within the major. Internships may be repeated for a maximum total of 9 units.

For information on the Disney College Program or other internship programs, contact

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