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Learning Opportunities | B.S. in Mathematics

Research Assistant in Math Program (RAMP)

The goal of RAMP is to create an undergraduate research environment where Biola math and computer science majors are supported in research projects that:

  1. Complement their academic goals
  2. Facilitate department growth, and
  3. Further Biola’s mission together

Participating RAMP research assistants are paid to assist faculty with research. The program is supported exclusively through private donors and all donations are tax deductible. We believe that the greater the success of RAMP, the more equipped our students will be to fulfill the biblically mandated mission of Biola University, which is to “equip men and women in mind and character to impact the world for the Lord Jesus Christ. 

For the completed list of projects, see

Teaching Assistant (TA)

What are TAs?

Teaching Assistants (TAs) are student workers who help faculty run their courses. Primary responsibilities usually include grading papers and holding tutoring hours in the math lab for student questions.

What are the benefits of being a TA?

  • TAs gain teaching-related experience such as tutoring and grading
  • TAs experience the joy of biblical service
  • TAs obtain review, reinforcement, and clarification of their mathematical skills
  • TAs earn an hourly wage based on their year and experience.

How do I become a TA?

Inform the department or tell the professor of a class you’re interested in that you’d like to be considered as a TA for them. TA selection for the semester occurs by joint faculty decision before the semester begins.

Putnam Exam Participant

What is the Putnam Exam?

The Putnam Exam is a national mathematics contest for undergraduate students, run by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). It is a full-day contest, held each year on the first Saturday of December. Questions can range over a wide variety of math topics: calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, probability, number theory, and more. There are 120 points available on the exam (12 questions, 10 points each), but the median score is usually 3 points or fewer. It is considered an accomplishment to score even one point on the Putnam Exam.

Why should I participate in the Putnam Exam?

  • A strong Putnam Exam score can lead to being accepted to a high-caliber graduate school for mathematics
  • The MAA offers cash prizes to top scorers; the Biola math/CS department offers smaller cash prizes to those scoring at least a certain number of points
  • It's a fun, challenging experience: a chance to put your God-given math skills to the test

How do I participate in the Putnam Exam?

Contact Biola's Putnam facilitator, Dr. DiMuro, and ask to join the team. All Biola students who do not yet have an undergraduate degree (and who have not already participated in the contest four times) are eligible to participate. Contact Dr. DiMuro at

Quantitative Consulting Center (QCC)

For opportunities for students to get involved with live statistical consulting for on and off-campus clients, see

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