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Learning Opportunities | B.A. in History

American Studies Program

American Studies Program

Founded in 1976, the American Studies Program has served hundreds of students as a "Washington, D.C., campus." ASP uses the District of Columbia as a stimulating educational laboratory where collegians gain hands-on experience with an internship in their chosen field and explore pressing national and international issues in public policy seminars that are issue-oriented, interdisciplinary and led by ASP faculty and D.C. professionals.

Middle East Studies Program

The Middle East Studies Program based in Cairo, Egypt, allows students to explore and interact with the complex and strategic world of the modern Middle East. The interdisciplinary seminars give students the opportunity to explore the diverse religious, social, cultural and political traditions of Middle Eastern people. In addition to seminars, students study the Arabic language and work as volunteers with various organizations in Cairo. Through travel to Jordan, Syria and Turkey, students are exposed to the diversity and dynamism of the region. MESP encourages and equips students to relate to the Muslim world in an informed, constructive and Christ-centered manner at a time of tension and change.

Uganda Studies Program

The Uganda Studies Program offers an invaluable opportunity for studies in and about Africa, for authentic cross-cultural exposure, and for participation in the lively faith and worship of Global South Christianity. Studying at Uganda Christian University is a unique experience in the British lecture and tutorial style of learning. Students take courses on the history and culture of East Africa, the religions and traditions of Africa and African literature, as well as an elective of their choosing.

The Scholars’ Semester in Oxford

This study abroad trip is designed for students interested in completing intensive scholarship. Working with academic tutors, students advance their academic writing and research skills and explore the disciplines and interests of their choice. As visiting students of Oxford University and members of Wycliffe Hall, students have the privilege to study and learn in one of the university’s historic halls. SSO students enroll in a Primary and Secondary Tutorial, an Integrative Seminar and the course Christianity and Cultures. The SSO is designed for students interested in the fields of Classics, English & Literature, Theology & Religious Studies, Philosophy and History. Applicants are generally honors and other very high-achieving students and must have a 3.7 GPA to be considered for the program.

The American Historical Association

The American Historical Association (AHA) is the largest professional organization in the United States devoted to the study and promotion of history and historical thinking. Only the AHA brings together historians from all specializations and professions, embracing their breadth, variety and ever-changing activity. Its website includes helpful information for undergraduates about the study of history and possible careers in history. Please note in particular the article entitled "What Can You Do with That History Degree?"

The National Council on Public History

If you are interested in a career in public history, check out the National Council on Public History and follow them on Facebook or Twitter. NCPH advances the field of public history, promoting professionalism among history practitioners and encouraging historians' engagement with the public. It has a great list of master's and even Ph.D. programs in public history across the United States.

Conference on Faith & History

During your years at Biola, you will have the opportunity to be involved in The Conference on Faith & History. We hope as a member of our small community of Christian historians, you will take advantage of this opportunity. The conference's primary goal is to encourage excellence in the theory and practice of history from the perspective of historic Christianity, and is held to give scholars, like you, a chance to explore the relationship between Christian faith and history. As part of a university that seeks to integrate our faith into our studies and our lives, the history, government and social science department finds a natural partner in this conference, and seeks to be involved in its future growth development. Involvement includes:

  • Attending biennial conferences
  • Attending student research conferences
  • Attending a bi-annual one-day student conference; attendance for all students is highly encouraged
  • Seeking publication in the conference's journal, Fides et Historia

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