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Alumni Success | M.A. in TESOL

High School Teacher
M.A. in TESOL, '96

Some lessons and truths took a long time for me to digest. But I can often refer back to them even now, 25 years later ... I can definitely say that my ability to translate my experience with Christ with integrity in another culture, and therefore more effectively in my own culture, was greatly enhanced.’

Missionary/Adult Education TESOL Teacher
M.A. in TESOL (Online), '16

Although I had already been teaching for many years, the TESOL Online program enabled me to hone my skills and widen my horizons. It also opened up the opportunity for me to train others here in Europe who wanted to use English as outreach. ’

Teacher of EFL at a two-year technical school in Japan
TESOL, M.A. '20

My M.A. in TESOL (online) came in the midst of my career and helped me become a better teacher. Through the program I saw my skills honed, my understanding of the field deepened, and my passion for teaching reinvigorated. ’

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