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Pray with Biola

Biola is a praying community, which recognizes the biblical commands to pray as the foundation of our relationship as those created to God, our Creator. We cannot change the world – we often cannot even change ourselves – but we can cooperate with what our Almighty God can do and is doing. We invite you to join us in prayer, as we pray specifically for Biola’s mission, for its communities and partners here and abroad, and for the world. We also hope you will appreciate the gifts and resources this prayer will offer you for your own prayer and devotional life. Finally, we invite your prayer requests and your giving of thanks that we might pray and be grateful with you.

Prayers and thanksgiving reports will be updated every two weeks.

Prayer Requests

Pray for Progress On Diversity

The university is actively praying, listening and working to stand with our students of color and make Biola a place where they can flourish. We acknowledge that we are a community in need of change, healing and repentance both for our past and for the present. Join us in praying for a greater advocacy of such change at Biola and for our students of color. Studies show that race-based stress erodes student confidence, focus, motivation, energy and overall learning—a reality which Biola must actively address both as a community of educators and a community of Christians seeking the Kingdom.

Pray for Students Hoping to Enroll

Faculty and staff this summer have collectively spent hundreds of hours calling students, both prospective and returning, to listen to their hopes of coming or returning to Biola, what obstacles have emerged in these unprecedented times and how the university can help. Although each story is different, the list of potential roadblocks has become familiar: parents who have been furloughed; investments that have shrunk; summer jobs that have evaporated; and uncertainty caused by life under COVID. Join us in praying that the Lord will open the paths for those students to come to Biola in the fall if that is their desire. By August 31, we hope to recount many stories of the ways that God met these students and their families along the way and brought them through challenging times.

Pray for those Recovering

It has been a very hard year for some members in our community, and we continue to pray for them. One year ago, Dr. Ken Way, associate professor of theology at Talbot School of Theology, began treatment for leukemia. In the fall of this year, Dr. Chris Grace, professor at Rosemead School of Psychology, began treatment for cancer. And in February, Nathan Lewis, a freshman, was hit by a car skateboarding near campus and is being cared for by his family and a medical team at his home. Please join with us in praying for a recovery and comfort for these people we love.

Prayers of Intention

With much thanks for joining us in prayer, we offer this gift, an excerpt from a forthcoming book, Where Prayer Becomes Real: How Honesty with God Transforms the Soul, by Biola professors John Coe and Kyle Strobel. We hope this blesses your prayer life.

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June 29, 2020 Update

This has been a taxing season for Biola faculty and staff across the university who have worked extraordinarily hard and diligently to move students from residential and in-person learning to their homes for remote learning and who are now doubling down with comprehensive strategies and hundreds of details that will allow students to return and study safely in the fall. We are so grateful for their sacrifice. And we are grateful, too, for the support of donors, some of whom gave significant, spontaneous donations, to provide our enrollment team with the funds for specific student needs.