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Pray with Biola

Biola is a praying community, which recognizes the biblical commands to pray as the foundation of our relationship as those created by and for God, our Creator. We cannot change the world – we often cannot even change ourselves – but we can cooperate with what our Almighty God can do and is doing. We invite you to join us in prayer, as we pray specifically for Biola’s mission, for its communities and partners here and abroad, and for the world. We also hope you will appreciate the gifts and resources this prayer will offer you for your own prayer and devotional life. Finally, we invite your prayer requests and your giving of thanks that we might pray and be grateful with you.

Prayer Requests

Last Updated: April 7, 2021

New prayer requests are on the way!

Please visit the "View Past Prayers" link above in the meantime. Thank you for your prayers.

The Pray-ers Almanac

Ash Wednesday, which this year falls on February 17th, has been historically observed by the Christian Church as the beginning of “Lent” (which just means “spring” for the time of year when it comes.) These 40 days leading to Easter are meant to be a period of renewal in our lives as we consider how to follow Jesus more closely, temporarily laying aside even the good things to which we’ve become attached if we find they have eclipsed the best things to which we are called, beginning with love of God and neighbor. Traditionally, Christians have fasted to create a more singular focus on these two greatest commandments—fasts which could aim at consumption of various kinds: news and social media, pleasures that need some pruning, busyness that’s become a habit, and anything else that we feel needs to be right-sized before God. But Lent can also call us not just to detach but to attach by renewing rhythms of prayer, service or worship. Spend some time with God this week, asking him if there is anything he is inviting you to detach from or attach to, and how this might become a rhythm as we follow Jesus in what he had to lay aside at times to walk more closely with the Father. Consider subscribing to Biola’s Lent Project 2021 to receive daily devotionals from Scripture, accompanied by music, art and poetry.