Film Program



Tokyo, Japan

For more information:

Contact the Cinema & Media Arts Department, ext. 4052

When is the Japan Film Program offered?

Interterm, every two years


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Every two years, the Cinema & Media Arts department sends a class of Biola students to Tokyo to produce a short film in conjunction with Christians in the Arts Network (CAN). The project is a three unit interterm class that takes place during the month of January. Students spend a total of 12 days in Japan, half of which are committed to shooting a high quality project in HD. The other six days are for exploring Tokyo and tasting the Japanese culture. Students are then involved with post-production at Biola over the course of the spring semester.

The prerequisite to participating in this program is the Advanced Production class that takes place during the preceding fall semester. During this pre-production class, CMA students will learn conversational Japanese, write the script and plan for an overseas shoot. Previous participants have not only grown as filmmakers, but have been touched by the people of Japan.