Studies in Honduras



Tegucigulpa, Honduras

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Justice Studies in Honduras

Faculty Program Director:

Dr. Katrina Greene
Cook School of Intercultural Studies

When is Justice Studies in Honduras offered?

Fall semester only


Flag of Honduras

Biola students attending the Justice Studies in Honduras spend a fall semester living with Honduran families and studying economic development theories in the context of poor communities in Honduras. In your host city of Tegucigalpa, you’ll learn about the factors that make Honduras the third poorest country in the western world. Then you’ll use that knowledge as a lens to look at the rest of the world. Come to Honduras and watch as development theories leap off the pages of your Calvin textbooks and come alive at garment factories, banana plantations and subsistence farms. Then, use all these experiences to better understand your role as a Christian in our world today.

Justice Studies in Honduras Courses Units
Exploring a Third World Society 6
The Problem of Poverty 3
Development Theory in Practice 3
Spanish Language Study 3
Total 12