Au Sable Institute
of Environmental Studies



Mancelona, MI; Whidbey Island, WA; Tamil Nadu, India; Vara Blanca, Costa Rica

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Mark McReynolds

Au Sable Institute


Faculty Program Director:

Prof. Mark McReynolds,

When is the Au Sable Program Offered?

Interterm, May, & Summer.

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Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies offers over 20 different field-based, university-level courses in environmental studies and environmental science at campuses in the Great Lakes region (Mancelona, MI) and on Puget Sound (Whidbey Island, WA), in addition to courses in South India (Thiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu) and Latin America (Vara Blanca, Costa Rica). Courses feature extensive field learning to elucidate concepts and teach hands-on skills and techniques for sustainability, ecosystem management and restoration, conservation, research, and health. Courses take place during January, May, and two Summer Session terms. Courses from Au Sable can be applied to your major, minor, or core credits. Au Sable attracts students from 60 different Christian colleges and universities around North America, forming Christian community that cares about preserving, restoring, and sustaining God’s creation.

Au Sable’s international opportunities include the interterm course ‘Ecology of the Indian Tropics,’ taught in partnership with Bishop Heber College (Tamil Nadu, India). The class travels South India to learn about its unique tropical ecosystems and culture. In Costa Rica, the ‘Tropical Agriculture and Missions’ course teaches proven, hands-on skills and techniques for helping farmers improve their livelihoods in developing countries. This course takes place during the May or Summer Term.