Interterm & Summer Study Tour FAQ

How much do interterm and summer study tours cost and when is payment due?

The cost of study tours vary. The cost ranges from $2,500 to $5,000 for a study tour not exceeding three weeks. Tuition and lodging are always included. Airfare and meals may or may not be included. Please contact the various academic departments for additional information.

All study tours have a specific billing and payment schedule. This billing schedule includes an initial non-refundable deposit as well as one or two monthly payments. Students are required to pay in full prior to departure. Failure to make 100% payment before departure will result in the immediate cancellation of your ability to participate.

Financial aid is not available for Interterm or Summer Study Tours.

Study Abroad & Study USA FAQs

What are the approved Study Abroad and Study USA programs available to Biola students?

Fall & Spring Semester

Biola Programs

  • Biola in Ecuador
  • Biola London (fall only)
  • Biola Student Exchange

BestSemester (CCCU*) Programs:

  • American Studies Program
  • Australia Studies Centre
  • Contemporary Music Center
  • Latin American Studies Program
  • Los Angeles Film Studies Center
  • Middle East Studies Program
  • Scholars' Semester in Oxford
  • Uganda Studies Program

*Council for Christian Colleges and Universities

Affiliated Semester Programs:

  • Creation Care Study Program
    • Locations
      • Belize (Fall Only)
      • New Zealand (Fall & Spring)
  • Justice Studies in Honduras (Calvin College)
    • Fall Only
    • Federal & State Aid only

Interterm & Summer Programs:

Faculty Study Tours

  1. China Business Study Tour (Business)
    • Shanghai, China
    • Beijing, China
    • Xian, China
    • Guilin, China
    • Shezhen
    • Hong Kong
  2. German Cultural Study Tour (History)
    • Berlin
    • Wittenberg
    • Erfurt
    • Nuremberg
  3. Liberty and the Free Market, London (Political Science)
    • London, England
    • Washington, D.C.
  4. Modern Language Study Tours (Modern Languages)
    • Quito, Ecuador
    • Sevilla, Spain
  5. NY Urban Research (Cook School of ICS)
    • New York City, NY
  6. Peoples of the World: Turkey (Cook School of ICS)
    • Istanbul
    • Ephesus
    • Pamukkale
    • Ankara
    • Cappadocia
  7. Torrey Cambridge
    • Cambridge, England

What is Biola’s cost and financial aid policy for fall and spring Study Abroad and Study USA programs?

Under Biola’s Financial Aid regulations:

  • Students who attend a Study Abroad or Study USA program are eligible for full financial aid when the student commits to graduating in four years (Nursing and Music majors commit to graduating in five years).
  • Students will be eligible to receive University Aid for one fall or spring Study Abroad or Study USA program.
  • Students will be ineligible to receive University Aid when attending the Justice Studies in Honduras Program. Prior to the beginning of the Justice Studies in Honduras program students must meet with a Financial Aid Counselor and request a University Aid leave of absence to ensure University Aid will be reinstated upon return from this program.
  • Students will be charged Biola’s standard on-campus tuition, the programs cost of room (or) room and board, Biola Administrative Fee, and all students participating in an international Study Abroad program are required to pay the additional international health insurance fee. Depending on the program meals may be an additional out-of-pocket expense.
  • Dependent Scholarships/Tuition Waiver may only be used when participating in the Biola Student Exchange Program.

When is payment due for fall & spring Study Abroad and Study USA program?

Fall Semester: A down payment of 50% or 100% is due August 15 for the fall semester or before departure, whichever is earlier.

  • Australia Studies Centre down payment is due July 15

Spring Semester: A down payment of 50% or 100% is due December 15 for the spring semester.

The down payment is calculated the same way as for your on-campus enrollment. The Accounting Department takes your total charges, subtracts your aid and requires you to pay the remaining out of pocket amount. This amount may be 50% or 100%, depending on the arrangements you have made with Biola. Failure to make your down payment prior to departure will result in the immediate cancellation of your registration.

Does Biola require a Study Abroad / Study USA application?

Yes. Biola’s Study Abroad & Study USA Application is called the Study Abroad & Study USA Application. The Biola application is in addition to applying to the program directly.

What are the steps students complete when they are interested in studying abroad with a program independent of Biola?

  • You will first want to make sure the program is accredited.
    • To confirm accreditation, email more information about the program you are interested in so that we are able to conform accreditation.
  • Prior to departure complete one Substitution Request Form per course. This will ensure which Biola degree requirements you will fulfill while away.
  • Meet with a Biola Financial Aid Counselor to discuss your current financial aid package, request a University Aid leave of absence, and defer prior educational loans.
  • During the final week of your semester, prior to your semester away, stop by the Office of the Registrar to notify the University that you will be withdrawing for the upcoming semester. At the same time, submit a Re-Admit Application to the Office of the Registrar (Omit this step when attending a summer program independent of Biola).
  • Be advised that transcripts from all institutions must be sent directly from the school to Biola's Office of the Registrar to be considered official and for official evaluation. All students transferring in courses to Biola must earn a "C" or better. Credit/No Credit and Pass/Fail courses will not be accepted.

Approved Study Abroad / Study USA Programs independent of Biola:

  • Oxford Summer Programme (BestSemester Program)
    • Oxford, England
  • Quito Business Intensive
    • Quito, Ecuador

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