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About Us

The Office of Career Development empowers students to be active agents in their career preparation and career outcomes. This involves students developing skills and mindset necessary for lifetime employability and discernment of career paths in an ever-changing world. The Career Center is designed to help students, including creating career plans, identifying and developing vocational competencies, networking with employers, or securing meaningful work. Students are encouraged to pursue the following outcomes:

  • Develop one or more relationships with a career advisor outside of the classroom setting. Discuss life direction with a career advisor at least once per year. This can be a faculty member, career counselor, career advisor, academic advisor, industry expert, and/or someone else.
  • Take ownership of your career preparation, which usually involves: exploring interests and /skills/preferences, reflecting on life’s themes, researching suitable career options, creating roadmaps, identifying prerequisite work experiences and education, making lists of potential work organizations, pursuing good opportunities, customizing resumes, writing cover letters, conducting interviews, and submitting graduate school applications (if applicable).
  • Commit to gaining 1–3 years substantive work experience (e.g., internships) in an area of interest prior to graduation.

Services We Offer

  • Handshake job and employer engagement platform
  • Career Key assessment
  • Job search
  • Resumes
  • Cover letters
  • Career advising
  • Events calendar
  • Interviewing
  • Networking
  • Graduate school

Meet Our Team

Tiffany Lee
Director of Career Development and Success

Heather Martin
Assistant Director of Career Exploration and Experience

Alex Chiang
Employer Relations Specialist

Jasmyn Alvarez
Career Specialist