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Interest Based Huddles

These huddles are for any and all students who want to explore shared needs, hobbies, or interests in community with other Biola students. Explore the options below and find contact information to join, or fill out the Find My Huddle Form below for recommendations curated just for you.

Find My Huddle

Passion Meets Need

Passion Meets Need are spaces that meet regularly or are for all students to engage in some fun or discussion together! Learn a new hobby or explore a favorite interest. Email for more info and meeting times.

  • Screwtape Letters (CS Lewis) Book Group – For any student interested in digging deeper into each chapter of Screwtape Letters and sharing discussion
  • Gospels Bible Study For any and all students who want to study the Gospels together.
  • Women's Bible Study For female students to study the Bible together.
  • Writing Short Stories & Poetry For all students to practice and encourage each other in writing short stories, novels, and poetry writing advice.
  • Movie Discussion For all students to watch and discuss movies together as a way to process current events and quarantine life.
  • Dungeons & Dragons Role Playing Gaming For all students and we especially welcome new and casual players who want to focus on role play and storyline. We will storyline all semester with weekly games held over Discord.
  • PC & Nintendo Switch Gaming For all students wanting to play games together in a casual setting.
  • Music Appreciation For all students to check out new albums, make playlists, and talk about the music and other types of art that have been helping us process during quarantine.
  • Social Justice Convos & Action For all students wanting to discuss current social justice topics and ways to get involved.
  • Game Night Huddle – Join us any time for online board games, jack box games and more!

Student Ministries and Student Missionary Union

Student Missionary Union and Student Ministries are for all students interested in exploring involvement in local and international ministries and living missionally in your daily life. Contact for more information about types of ministry experiences offered and how to join.

  • Student Missionary Union (SMU) – SMU exists to motivate and mobilize students to align their lives toward the completion of the Great Commission, whether we are quarantined or not. Our desire is still to consistently raise up generations of student leaders who passionately and obediently serve Jesus throughout their lives. Join the SMU Huddle and get plugged into smaller areas of interest, both locally and globally.
  • Evangelical/Mormon Interaction (EMI) – Equipping Biola students to engage the LDS community in relationship and honest discussion by providing opportunities locally and throughout Utah.
  • National School Project (NSP) – NSP has a vision for a student-led, church-supported campus awakening to the love of Christ at every public school. Their mission is to coach and mentor middle and high school students to reach their campuses for Christ, and technology allows this goodness to continue.

Fitness, Self-Care, and Exercise

Wellness groups are come and go spaces for all students wanting to explore and practice holistic well-being and development. Contact for more info and meeting times.

  • But What If I Don't Like Yoga? — Self-care for everyone who isn’t flexible enough for yoga! Join our group to learn more about prioritizing emotional well-being and implementing self-care into our everyday lives as busy (and kinda stressed) college students.
  • Begin (Self-Care)  This is a place to be equipped, encouraged, and validated in beginning the process of taking care of your well-being. Come as you are, we are here for you.
  • The Hungry Eaglets (Nutrition) — Explore diverse flavors, healthy lifestyles, and culinary skills through cooking, eating, and having fun together. No experience required!
  • Faithful Fitness (Exercise) — Your loyal source for weekly workouts designed with every student in mind.
  • Hay'ui Vision  Exploring the fullness of hay’ui (life) through physical fitness. (Hay’ui is a word comprised of both the Arabic and Tongan words for “life”.)