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A tailor-made Christian education

Biola Youth Academics provides a tailor-made K–12 homeschool academic experience through Biola University — a premier Christian university based in Southern California. Biola Youth Academics offers elementary, college preparatory, and great books courses and a private school satellite program in a thriving Christian community across Southern California and online.

Grades 1–6

Choose between eight-week clinics and semester full-day packages.

Grades 7–12

Take college preparatory courses in history, math, SAT and career preparation and more.

Grades 9–12

Classically informed liberal arts courses provide a world-class Great Books program.

Grades 7–12

Torrey Academy and select Star Academics can be completed online.

Grades K–12

Take courses in Biola University aquatics, P.E., tennis and water polo.

Grades K–12

The Biola PSP provides academic and administrative support to home educating parents.

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