Mission and Outcomes


The mission of the Master of Business Administration is to provide advanced business study, integrating biblically-based teaching to train and equip business professionals and developing faith, character and an entrepreneurial spirit to produce Christ-centered men and women to impact the marketplace.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Master of Business Administration, students will be able to:

Articulate one's faith by:

  • Integrating knowledge from their theology courses into their daily work and personal lives.
  • Recognizing their vocation as God's calling and demonstrate this knowledge as a basis for making ethical and knowledgeable decisions in the marketplace.

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of advanced business theories and practices by:

  • Effectively communicating through a variety of techniques including writing, oral, and electronic communication technologies.
  • Effectively organizing, working in, and leading teams.

Employ and foster the entrepreneurial spirit within the workplace culture by:

  • Utilizing advanced and comprehensive graduate business curriculum to employ innovation, change, and creativity in the workplace.
  • Developing and implementing advanced business strategies and work plans.

Discuss how character and integrity are integral to being a change agent in the workplace through the application of biblical principles.