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A fundamental distinctive of the Biola MBA program is the opportunity to be involved in a one-on-one mentoring relationship with a Christian businessperson. Integration of biblical principles into all areas of life, including the business environment, is carefully nurtured. Mentors exhibit strong entrepreneurial profiles of servant leadership and are engaged in commercial activities on a full-time basis.

Personal involvement will go beyond serving as a guest speaker in a class, or giving an afternoon tour of a market exchange or manufacturing facility. Activities with the MBA students will embody a form of personal and professional discipleship that strives to instill values, vision, expectations, skills and perspectives. Biola mentors will effectively translate their professional backgrounds and experience into a framework for nurturing and developing the entrepreneurial spirit in MBA students.

Become a Mentor

Are you interested in becoming a Crowell MBA mentor? In order to apply, applicants must:

  1. Be a professing Christian
  2. Attend a church
  3. Be in the business world (or previously active in business)
  4. Be willing to devote 10 hours per semester for one-on-one interaction with an MBA student

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Current Mentors

If you currently serve as a Crowell MBA mentor, or are just interested in learning more, download our mentor-student relationship guidelines:

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