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Student Success Articles

  • Ashley Logue — 

    Alumnus Soren Iverson (‘17) studied studio art with an emphasis in design and minor in business during his time at Biola. He is currently an art...

  • Five Questions to Help Build a Mentoring Relationship with Your Professor

    Registration season might be over, but there are still ways to build relationships with your faculty.

    Christian Leonard — 

    While many students are accustomed to having advising meetings and office hours with their professors, faculty are available to discuss topics...

  • Austin Green — 

    Have you ever wondered what qualities employers care about when hiring college students or recent graduates? Student resumés that show leadership...

  • Lisa Reimann — 

    Lara Renee went through ups and downs before landing her ideal role.

  • Joshua Choi — 

    Have you considered attending graduate school after Biola? Based on averages from 2012-2018 outcome survey data, 18.2 percent of Biola graduates...

  • Finding Your Graduate School Program

    Five steps to narrowing your choices

    Austin Green — 

    Your education does not have to end once you receive your undergraduate diploma. Millions of students decide to enroll in post-graduate programs...

  • It’s All About People

    Five Ways to Find Internships

    Tiffany Lee — 

    Even with the rise of web and social media resources, interpersonal relationships are still the key to gaining internship experience. Check out this blog for helpful tips on finding internships.

  • Carly Horchler — 

    Summer courses provide a great opportunity to catch up on credits or get ahead for the fall, and Biola is offering many summer courses online. Check out this blog for five tips on how to make the most out of your online summer courses.

  • Lisa Reimann — 

    Working abroad after completing one’s education doesn’t have to be an unrealistic dream; it can be a reality.

  • Rediscovering Ministry in Ecuador

    Raquel Hamm's career-defining experience studying abroad

    Kaelyn Timmins — 

    Senior Christian Ministries major Raquel Hamm shares about the study abroad experience that challenged her assumptions and shaped her vocation.

  • Kiyana Sagarang — 

    It can be challenging to balance a full schedule and juggle the many responsibilities that come with being a student. Check out this post for three helpful and healthful tips for registering for classes.

  • Faculty Spotlight: Astri Swendsrud

    A Q&A with Art Professor Astri Swendsrud on Addressing the “Elephant” in the Room

    Faeln Naughton — 

    In this interview, Astri Swendsrud shares how her lifelong passion for art developed into a career and what advice she has for undergraduate students pursuing creative careers.

  • Know Your Stuff

    How to Research Companies to Explore Careers

    Grace Kim — 

    Researching companies is one way to learn about different industries, professions, industry trends and a company’s mission and values. The following are some tips for doing company research.

  • Jasmyn Alvarez — 

    What if you only had as long as an elevator ride to impress your future boss? A solid elevator pitch is a great way to introduce yourself to employers and showcase what you can bring to their company.

  • Jasmyn Alvarez — 

    Did you know you will likely spend as much time at work as you will with your family? This means it is important to get to know employers before...

  • Anna Matz — 

    Gatekeepers are people who stand in the doorway between where you are and where you want to be. Just as much as you want them to give you the job,...

  • Jeffrey Yuen — 

    Jeffrey is a Senior Psychology major and works as a Peer Internship Ambassador in the Career Center. Planning for a career can be a challenging...

  • Anna Warner — 

    With Career Expos, preparation is essential. Alumnus Anna Warner shares her advice to help you make the best first impression. When it comes to...

  • Katie Genung — 

    Anyone else uncertain about what to do for a future career (please tell me I’m not the only one)? If that’s you, it’s completely okay! It can feel...

  • Jasmyn Alvarez — 

    Have you wondered where your degree in communication studies can take you? Becky Kurtz (‘14) is a communication studies alumna using her degree to...

  • Rick Bee — 

    Rick Bee is the senior director of advancement at Biola University and a professor at Biola Talbot School of Theology where he teaches a course on...

  • How to Maximize your Summer

    Summer Courses, Internships and Housing

    Heidi Herchelroath, Tiffany Lee, Eyvette Min — 

    Summer is quickly approaching. Have you considered taking summer courses or pursuing an internship? Below are a few opportunities you might want to...

  • Louie Chong — 

    This week, Holy Week is when Christ was betrayed, beat and bruised for us. I remember coming into the office on Monday and feeling a sense of...

  • Miles Bocianski — 

    For the next two weeks, the Career Center will be giving away dozens of Passion Planners. You definitely do not want to miss this. What is a...

  • How to Find Belonging at Biola

    Stories of Community and Calling

    Ashia Lee — 

    Marisa Vasquez is a freshman and Taelor Edwards is a senior. Although one is just beginning their college career and the other is about to end...