Summer is quickly approaching. Have you considered taking summer courses or pursuing an internship? Below are three things you can do to maximize your summer.

Planning for Summer Courses

Eyvette Min (Assistant Director of Academic Advising)

If you’re going to take challenging courses during the fall and spring, or you’ll be involved in other commitments that will take a significant amount of time and energy, it may be strategic for you to take less credits during the fall and spring semesters by taking courses offered over the summer.

Here are some tips for successful summer course planning:

  1. Be mindful of whether the course you’re considering is offered online or in person. If the course is online, be sure that your other summer plans allow for you to have reliable internet and computer access and that you’re comfortable with utilizing Canvas.
  2. Since summer courses are only 7 weeks long (as opposed to 15 weeks during the semester), they move at a faster pace. Be prepared to devote time each day during the summer session for homework and studying.
  3. Ask yourself if you need to take a break from your studies this summer. College is a marathon, and it’s wise to pace yourself if you’re sensing that you might be approaching burnout. Resting during the summer might be the best choice to set yourself up for success in the next school year.
  4. Because summer courses are offered at a discounted rate compared to the cost per credit during the semester, financial aid isn’t available for most students. Ask a financial aid counselor what options you might have for paying for summer courses.
  5. Remember that The Advising Center is here to help! You can set up an appointment with a Peer Academic Advisor to get a student’s perspective on classes and scheduling, or you can request a graduation plan appointment with an Academic Advisor to see how summer classes could potentially benefit you.

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Summer Internships and Housing

Tiffany Lee (Associate Director of Career Counseling) and Heidi Herchelroath (Director of Housing)

Internships are an important part of students’ learning experiences during college. Students gain hands-on, practical experience and professional relationships with mentors that can be critical in networking for jobs after graduation. In fact, the majority of Biola graduates that obtained a job within 6 months after graduation had done at least one internship!

Since Biola is centrally located in one of our country’s largest metropolitan areas, you have unique access to a wide variety of internship opportunities with organizations in numerous industries. If you’d like to participate in a local internship this summer, don’t let lack of housing stop you from gaining this important experience! Biola’s Housing department offers reduced-cost summer housing for students that want to work or intern locally. Below you can find more Housing information.

If you’d like help finding an internship, make an appointment on Handshake today to meet with a Career Advisor.

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Summer Housing Blog

Biola Summer Housing Information

Application: Opens as of Monday, April 3, 2017

When: May 27-August 23, 2017

Where: Hart Hall

Cost: $11.11 per day or $1,000 for entire summer (May 27-Aug 23)

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