All things must pass. my.Biola is going away this summer.

The longtime portal and process-management software was launched in April 2010 (which is more like a century ago in the software world). Jeff Silzer, Director of Application Services, gave three reasons why it's being replaced:

  • "It has long been out of support (from the company that created it);
  • The age and configuration of the underlying technology has limited our ability to easily customize it, which is why it hasn’t changed much in the 7 years we’ve had it;
  • The design is not mobile friendly."

Taking its place for students for Fall 2017 are two new websites:

My Account ( where students and alumni can view their personal information and use "log-in-required" services, like changing your address or completing enrollment. Like my.Biola, My Account will require you to log-in with your NetID. You're already somewhat familiar with My Account; it's where you registered/enrolled last semester!

My Account's features include:

1. Personal Info page, where you can view your account information, like your name, email addresses, mailing and billing addresses, ID number, and NetID, and also update your password, security questions, or address.

2. Profile pages, containing your enrollment status for a term, major/concentration information, campus housing, and class schedule.

3. Tasks: A new feature that notifies you of important actions related to your account, like clearing holds on your registration, completing registration/enrollment tasks, and recurring tasks like confirming your address and verifying your Title IV (financial aid) authorization settings.

4. Student Financials: Similar to the my.Biola tab, this provides information on your account balance and status, financial aid, tax information, campus housing, and more.

The MyHousing system can also be accessed directly (at or via the Housing office department page, at (click "Self-Service" in top menu bar), while Canvas can be reached directly at Links to these and other "Key Services" may now be found at

Student Hub ( where students find information on Biola's procedures and policies. This is our "How Do I...?" site. You can either search (using the big search box!) or navigate by topic, major/program, and department, so you can search for answers without having to know the department responsible for the content.

The design is intentionally simple, intended to create the shortest distance possible between your question and the answer.

Student Hub is accessible directly at or from Biola's home page via the "current students" link at the top of the page. Many of the current tools and links on the student-related tabs in My.Biola will move to Student Hub category pages.

If you have questions, please let us know in the Comments section (below) or by contacting IT at