It's hard to believe the last week of the 16/17 academic year is here. As mentioned previously, all work on the job site will pause this Friday to avoid conflict with commencement ceremonies. This will also free up a fair amount of parking on the south end of campus.

The construction fence on the south campus soccer field was relocated last week so that grading for an underground stormwater retention system could begin. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works now requires stormwater storage systems on all new construction. The storage system must be large enough to capture the first 3/4” of rain that lands on the project site (building rooftop and surrounding area). The objective is to provide bio treatment of the stormwater and minimize the impact to the stormwater system. The installation of this system will take place over the next eight weeks.

This week's progress photos are courtesy of David Baxter and our UCM Video Production Team. Enjoy these excellent drone photos of the building!

Live camera feeds:

csth1_live.jpg (1024×768)

csth2_live.jpg (1024×768)