Doing pretty well in your classes? Looking for a way to use those gifts on campus, develop your teaching and leadership skills, build your resume, and get paid all at the same time?

If so, why not become a tutor this semester? The Biola Learning Center is looking for paid tutors in the following areas:

Current Openings

History: 1-2 hrs/wk

Looking for a history major or someone who has at least taken at least 2 of the following classes:

  • HIST 108 (US History to 1865)
  • HIST 109 (US History since 1865)
  • HIST 207 (World Civilization I)
  • HIST 208 (World Civilization II)

Bible: 3-5hrs/wk

Looking for a bible major or someone who has taken at least 4 of the following classes:

  • BBST 103 (Biblical Interpretation and Spiritual Formation)
  • BBST 105 (Foundations of Christian Thought)
  • BBST 109 (Old Testament History and Literature)
  • BBST 110 (New Testament History and Literature)
  • BBST 251 (Theology I)
  • BBST 254 (Theology II)
  • BBST 306 (Early Christian History - Acts)

Microbiology: 2-4 hrs/wk

O Chem: 1-3 hrs/wk

Business Stats: 3-5 hrs/wk

Reader/Scribe: hours TBD


  • Minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0.
  • Applicants are required to have already completed the specific course and excelled in it (B+ or higher).
  • High academic recommendation from the course faculty.
  • Excellent social/communication skills, supported by the faculty recommendation.
  • Solid understanding of basic study skills.

Preferred Qualification (not required)

  • Previous tutoring or TA experience
  • Previous experience working with diverse populations

Work Schedule

  • Hours depend solely on the demand for each subject in a given semester. Applicants should be able and willing to fill these hours, should they be needed.
  • Work schedules are based on each tutor's own availability, submitted to and managed by the tutor coordinator, Joyce Oh. Please note: Tutor's hours of availability need not be limited to regular business hours and can include evenings, early morning, and weekend times.

To Apply

Please submit a Tutor Application as well as two Faculty Recommendation Forms to the Learning Center. For more information, stop by or email us (